First class Akbari packaging pistachio Factory has good quality, and Kerman Khandan pistachio Export Company exports one of its pistachio samples to the world markets in beautiful packaging. You can apply for quick access to the first class pistachio factory and buy high quality Akbari packaging pistachios different in several forms.

First class Akbari packaging pistachio factory

First class Akbari packaging pistachio Factory has good quality, and Kerman Khandan pistachio Export Company exports one of its pistachio samples to the world markets in beautiful packaging. You can apply for quick access to the first class pistachio factory and buy high quality Akbari packaging pistachios different in several forms. Today, due to the increase in pistachio production in Iran, several factories have been created to offer Akbari packaging pistachios to customers in different shapes and weights. Meanwhile, Akbari pistachio Factory has sold its products through online sales so that first class pistachios are easily available to buyers. When buying pistachios, it should be noted that freshly planted pistachios can be identified in the same year as pistachios that have been stored in the warehouse since last year, and buyers should pay attention to this when buying. Pistachios, which are packaged in bulk and packaging pistachio factories and are offered for sale to the consumer market, are produced in several types. Different types of pistachio products in the market are as follows:

  • Pistachio kernels
  • Dried pistachios
  • More pistachio
  • Pistachios with shells
  • Pistachio powder
  • Pistachio slices
  • And etc.

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Different types of pistachios from the brain and slices and powder and dry and wet are all qualitatively divided into several major categories. The classification of pistachios and their contents in terms of quality are as follows:

  • Classy
  • Grade two
  • Third degree

Kerman factories of packaging pistachio

Iranian factories of packaging pistachio in several provinces of the country, including Kerman, Rafsanjan, Damghan, Sirjan, Qazvin and 8. They are active. These factories buy pistachios from gardeners and farmers who are engaged in the production and cultivation of pistachios. And according to the capacities of the factory and the sales market, they are provided to consumers for supply in the domestic market and foreign exports. First class pistachios are important to buyers, and people who care about first class pistachios are generally at the forefront of pistachio traders. For this reason, the supply of pistachios to this group of people should be done well.

Advantages of using packaging pistachio

One of the advantages of using packaging pistachio is that the size of all pistachio seeds is the same. Pistachios, which are marketed for general and exclusive use by food guilds, are made in two types of bulk and packaged by pistachio factories. Here are some of the benefits of packaging pistachio over bulk pistachios. The advantages of using packaging pistachios that are a priority for the buyer of pistachios are as follows:

  • Its shape and appearance are beautiful and appropriate
  • The size of pistachio seeds in this type of use is closer than the packaging method
  • Packaging pistachios have a shelf life and relevant health and standard certificates.

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 Kerman Distribution Companies of packaging pistachio

Companies that are active in the field of pistachio distribution in the city of Kerman and other cities of the country can be mentioned as a list of several examples. The list of packaging pistachio and bulk distribution companies in the country is as follows:

  • Sirjan Pistachio Company
  • Iranian Pistachio Company
  • Jahan Khoshkbar Middle East Company
  • Kerman Khandan Pistachio Export Company
  • And etc.

Buying pistachio nuts as one of the luxury products of pistachios with different flavors such as saffron flavor has made it possible that the purchase of this product in the market is expanding day by day.

Buyers of Kerman packaging pistachio

Kerman factory of packaging pistachio has made significant progress in the production of pistachios in high quality and various packages, which has attracted the attention of many buyers. Buyers who want to buy pistachios can use Kerman pistachios, which are marketed in bulk and packaged. The type of pistachio is classified into several samples in terms of packaging. Packaging pistachios for sale in domestic and foreign markets are as follows:

  • Bulk pistachios
  • Pistachios in packages of half a kilo and one kilo and higher for domestic sales
  • Pistachios with elegant packaging for supply in foreign markets

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Figure3-packaging pistachio

The largest producers of packaging pistachios in Iran

Iran can be considered as the largest country in the field of pistachio production in the world. The largest producers of pistachios in the country are in the cities of Kerman, Rafsanjan, Damghan, Qazvin, etc. Pistachio cultivation in Rafsanjan pistachio seedling Company, which is one of the largest companies in the field of pistachio seedling production, produces the most delicious type of pistachio among pistachio varieties. Akbari pistachio is produced not only in Kerman but also in Rafsanjan. Kerman pistachio and Rafsanjan factory of packaging pistachio has provided the possibility of exporting pistachios to European countries by using special and elegant packages. Rafsanjan and Kerman are the two main poles in the production of first class pistachios. Akbari pistachio as the best quality pistachio in the world in this field in these two cities is done by the best traders for domestic sales and export to other countries.

Kerman sales agency of packaging pistachio

In addition to Damghan and Rafsanjan, Kerman can be considered as one of the three famous poles of packaged and bulk pistachio dealership, which produces about one third of domestic pistachios and half of pistachio exports abroad. Packaging pistachio factories in Kerman have advanced technology and people who specialize in packaging, who pack the pistachios according to its quality with all health and ISO standards in sometimes warm packaging up to a few kilograms. And it sells in bulk for distribution in the domestic market and supply in foreign trade markets. Pistachios produced in pistachio factories in Iran have different flavors, the most delicious of which can be classified as follows:

  • Ordinary salted pistachios
  • Lemon Pistachio
  • Salted pistachio juice
  • Saffron pistachio
  • Saffron lemon juice pistachio
  • Salty saffron pistachio

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The fastest way to prepare Kerman packaging pistachios

Packaging pistachio factory in Rafsanjan and Kerman is one of the fastest factories in the field of packaging pistachios. You can buy Akbari pistachio online in bulk and in packages from this factory. Purchasing pistachios online has significant advantages that encourage buyers to make this type of purchase in person. The advantages of buying pistachios online compared to face to face shopping are as follows:

  • Reduce shopping time and save time for consumers
  • Reduce the extra costs that customers have to pay to buy in person
  • Eliminate intermediaries and brokers when buying
  • Direct purchase by manufacturers and dealers
  • Advice before buying

Famous brands of packaging pistachio

Famous brands of packaging pistachios in Iran reach almost ten. Well-known pistachio producers, both in bulk and in packages in different grams, as well-known brands in the field of pistachio production and sales, always have a standard in the field of sales. They market their pistachios as first class pistachios, second class pistachios and third class pistachios for distribution. In addition to meeting the country’s domestic needs, pistachios produced in the country meet the needs of foreign trade markets for exports. Online shopping and online shopping in the pistachio market are very different. Most customers who want to buy are not aware of the differences between these two types of shopping. The difference between online and offline shopping when buying pistachios is that in online shopping it is possible for the buyer to see the desired product before buying. In online shopping for different types of pistachios, it is not possible for buyers to get acquainted with and see the sample of products they want to buy before buying. So as a result, online shopping, which is one of the biggest concerns of buyers when shopping, is eliminated and they buy with more confidence.

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The bestselling packaging pistachio

If you want to know which the bestselling packaging pistachio is, we must say that Akbari and Damghan pistachios are among the bestselling pistachios. Among the various types of pistachios that are widely distributed and sold in the market, there are many types of bulk and packaging pistachio in the form of brains and skins of famous brands in this field. Domestic and foreign sales of eighty to ninety percent of the country’s pistachios and its export to other countries are the responsibility of these famous brands. Well-known brands in the field of pistachio production and sales in Iran are as follows:

  • first class of Damghan pistachio
  • first class of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio
  • Abtahi pistachio
  • Akbari pistachio

In the sales market, sometimes unusual sales of a special type of pistachio called Akbari pistachio and different types of pistachios such as Abtahi pistachio and Damghan pistachio are done first. Pistachio type fraud can deal an irreparable blow to the pistachio market, and if it is not stopped, customers will incur high costs in terms of quality. Pistachio market fraud can be prevented by buying in principle. The basic methods for buying original pistachios are as follows:

  • Buy direct and immediate pistachios from the manufacturer
  • Purchase of high quality pistachios by representatives of pistachio factories located in all cities.
  • Buy pistachios online from reputable sites that sell pistachios.

Buy and sell cheap packaging pistachios

Those who are involved in buying and selling packaging pistachios know very well that the quality of pistachios has a great impact on its cheap and expensive prices. Packaging pistachio in two types with and without skin in the form of nuts. The price of pistachio kernels varies depending on the grade. Food factories such as ice cream and cake factories and various types of sweets, etc. generally use pistachio kernels, pistachio powder and pistachio slices to consume pistachios in their food combinations. Among the famous types of pistachio brands such as Damghan pistachio, Rafsanjan pistachio and Kerman pistachio, Qazvin pistachio price is the cheapest and most affordable type for buying and selling in the domestic trade market. Industries and manufacturing factories use raw pistachios or their contents for food solutions. They use the list of pistachio industries and factories and its contents as one of the raw materials of their product:

  • Food industry
  • Confectionery and cake factories
  • Ice cream and dessert factories
  • Gas production workshops
  • sweets production workshops

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Figure6-packaging pistachio

Detection of high quality packaging pistachios

Kerman factories of packaging pistachio, which package quality pistachios in the form of pistachio kernels and raw pistachios with pistachio skin and powder and pistachio slices, have sales consultants. Before buying, consumers with scientific and expert guidance in the field of pistachio type and its price is considered as an advantage for buyers. Akbari pistachio production is one of the famous pistachios with excellent quality in Kerman. First class pistachios are very important to many traders. These traders are the same pistachio exporters who are engaged in the export of pistachios to the countries of the Persian Gulf and European countries. That is why you need to be aware of the quality of pistachios before buying them. The supply of Akbari pistachio as one of the best pistachios produced in the country to this type of traders is of great importance.

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