Pistachio is one of the nuts that is used to make many products, including pistachio kernels, pistachio slices, pistachio powder, pistachio butter and many other foods. Here we are going to discuss pistachio powder, its quality and its uses and benefits. This product can be used in many foods, desserts, cakes and pastries. Using it in any of them can make the taste of food and desserts wonderful.

Sell ​​pistachio powder

Pistachio is one of the products that has many customers in the market due to its different properties. That is why various companies are active in our country by producing this product as well as other pistachio products. Pistachios in the market can be obtained in the form of skins, pure kernels, slices and powders. Pistachio powder is sold by dried fruit shops. There are various uses for it, and this type of powder can be used in cooking all kinds of sweets. This product can be purchased in bulk and packaged.

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Figure1-pistachio powder

This powder production factories in the country

There are several factories in our country that are engaged in the production of pistachio powder. Pistachio producers also market its powder. Among the famous factories in this regard, we can mention the best. The products of this factory can be purchased in different packages from different stores in Iran in different weights. Along with well-known brands, various manufacturing companies are active in this field. However, there are different factories in this area. The main pistachio powder wholesalers are also factories.

Preparation of Pistachio powder in different packages

Pistachio powder is prepared in different packages. Industrial companies offer it in plastic, glass and metal packages, each of which has different prices. Also, the packages are sold in various weights, which can be called as follows:

  • Pistachio powder in 50 g packages
  • Pistachio powder in 100 g packages
  • Pistachio powder in the amount of 200 grams
  • Pistachio powder in the amount of 500 grams
  • Pistachio powder in the amount of 1 kg

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Figure2-pistachio powder

It depends on the buyer how much this type of powder is needed.

Applications of this powder

Pistachio powder is mostly used in the confectionery industry. This type of powder is used in the production of these sweets:

  • Pistachio sweets
  • Ice cream
  • Dessert
  • Porridge
  • Sohan
  • Gaz
  • And etc.

This powder is so valuable that it is one of the influential factors in pricing these products. The higher the amount of pistachio in a sweet, the higher the price and value of that sweet. Here we can mention Sohan and Gaz, one of the main indicators of their pricing is the same amount of pistachios.

Advantages of pistachio powder

Among the benefits of pistachio powder, many things can be mentioned, such as that pistachio kernels are useful in treating many diseases in terms of the vitamins they have. Pistachio kernels have many vitamins, such as vitamin AB6 and a variety of carbohydrates. It is really important for the health of the body. People suffering from anemia. Pistachio is a very good treatment to cure this disease. Pistachio kernel is due to having hematopoietic iron and the buyer of pistachio kernel by buying this nut in addition to eating this product not only does not cause this disease, but by having a lot of vitamins, it is very important for your health. Pistachio powder, like its main fruit, has several benefits. Among its properties, we can mention the following:

  • To eliminate anemia
  • Body booster
  • Memory booster
  • Troubleshoot gastrointestinal problems
  • Cough treatment
  • Useful for the liver
  • Relaxing
  • And etc.

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Figure3-pistachio powder

It is because of the different benefits of pistachios that many people buy this type of product. You can buy pistachio slices and buy pistachio powder by visiting various stores. Pistachio flour production, considering its properties, offers the product to the market. The producer also determines the price of pistachio powder.

High quality this powder purchase guide

High quality pistachio powder has the following characteristics:

  • It is pure.
  • Made from the best pistachios
  • It is clean and does not have any additions, scratches or scratches.
  • They have produced reputable brands.
  • Have a good price.

This way you can buy high quality pistachio flour. The price of pistachio powder in the market also depends on its quality. You can buy cheap pistachio powder with low quality, but it does not have the efficiency of organic type and original.

Price of pistachio powder

According to the latest research in the Iranian dried fruit and bean industry, nuts and nuts, like pistachio powder, play an important role in ensuring the health of the body. Contrary to popular belief that such foods are low in nutrients, they are high in energy and vitamins. According to statistics, the price of pistachio kernel powder varies depending on its quality.

Buy the cheapest this powder

Buyers of pistachio kernel powder are looking for centers that buy this product at a cheap price and good quality according to their needs. Today, the price of pistachio kernels varies according to the economic conditions of each country. Of course, the type of pistachio kernels are also different in terms of quality. It is worth considering that today, due to the advancement of technology, interested people can buy pistachio kernels online through the Internet, but this type of action also has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Figure4-pistachio powder

Applications of Pistachio powder

Many people may not believe that pistachios themselves have a high score in terms of nutritional value and can be miraculous in treating diseases. There are many reasons for the use of pistachio kernel powder, for example, one of the reasons for relieving cough is that those who cough a lot should know that one of the sedatives is pistachio kernel powder. Another application of pistachio kernel powder is the use of pistachio oil in cosmetics and beauty. Of course, pistachio sales with information if it can guide the customer to such cases not only helps the customer but also achieves high sales and this is also in the interest of yourself and the customer.

Quality this powder purchase guide

In general, there are different types of pistachios and they have different prices depending on the type. For example, the price of pistachio slices is higher than the price of pistachio kernels, compared to the price of Zarand pistachios. If we compare the purchase price of Qazvin pistachio kernel with Kerman pistachio kernel pistachio kernel, we should know that the price of Qazvin pistachio kernel is higher than that. As a buyer of pistachio kernels, you actually have to pay more for its varieties. In general, people can buy pistachios with cyberspace awareness and experience the guide to buying quality pistachio kernel powder online.

Bulk sale of pistachio powder in the Iran

In fact, Iran ranks first in terms of pistachio rankings in terms of quantity and quality. Due to its deliciousness and quality, Iranian pistachios are extremely important for the export of products, and a large amount of this product is exported to European countries every year. In fact, it can be said that Iran has gained a lot of currency by selling pistachio kernels in the country and neighboring countries.

Price of this powder in the market

Pistachio is one of the most important products in our country. In different cities, this type of plant grows and is then offered by pistachio gardeners. Of course, today’s pistachios are larger and have been linked to and changed by agricultural science. Iranian pistachios can be found in various stores. In addition to pistachios, other products such as pistachio powder, pistachio slices, etc. can be prepared and used in various matters, including the production of sweets. Pistachios have always been popular because of their different properties, and this has led to high prices. The price of pistachio powder is different in the market. Prices can be sought from the largest sales authority in Iran. The buyer of pistachio powder can go to the dried fruit shops to get this powder.

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Figure5-pistachio powder

List of first class Pistachio powder manufacturers

There are several manufacturers that offer first class pistachio powder to the market in different packages. In the pistachio powder market, the products of these products can be seen and purchased. Pistachio flour production is generally done by companies that are engaged in the production of various types of pistachios and their preparation for the market. High quality pistachio powder is sold by these companies in various cities, which are available to their customers in bulk and in small quantities. But companies that are very active in this field and their products can be easily found in the market, are:

Produced by Zarrin Samin

Forouzan production

Bartar production

Talaei Sabz production

BehAvaran Avrin

And etc.


Figure6-pistachio powder

How to buy the best type of pistachio powder?

There are several ways to buy the best type of pistachios powder:

Visit the manufacturers’ headquarters

Visit reputable online stores

Go to the dried fruit market

Visit chain stores

These are the best ways to buy pistachio flour. These bring the best brands in Iran to the market and sell them. From these shopping centers, the highest quality pistachios powder available in the market can be prepared and used.

Rafsanjan pistachio powder market

Rafsanjan pistachio itself is a symbol of this product in our country and most people know this city because of this product. The pistachio market, pistachio slices and pistachio powder are booming. Most pistachios powder is exported from this city to different countries. Companies working in this field are trying to send the best kind of powder abroad. In the domestic market, this type of tonic and nutritious powder can be found everywhere in Iran and it has been used in making local cookies, homemade sweets, sohan, turmeric, halva, dates and so on.

Pistachio powder distribution center with the most reasonable price

In every central city there are a variety of food and dried fruit products. These malls are generally reasonably priced, which is why most people come to these shopping malls to shop. There are various companies in the centers, stores and agencies that distribute pistachio powder. These stores and agencies offer this product in bulk and in small quantities in different qualities and prices. From shopping centers, you can get cheap and reasonable prices in packages or in bulk of pistachios powder.

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