pistachio is one of the most important nuts in Iran. pistachio is one of the important and constant members of Iranian nuts. Its potassium content in this small size is equal to that of orange. And because of its nutrients, it is very important. This fruit is rich in beneficial properties for the body.

pistachio products

pistachio is one of the most important nuts in Iran. pistachio is one of the important and constant members of Iranian nuts. Its potassium content in this small size is equal to that of orange. And because of its nutrients, it is very important. This fruit is rich in beneficial properties for the body. These properties are useful for children, men and women and give them enough energy for daily activities. Iranian peanuts are planted and harvested in Rafsanjan, Kerman and Khorasan. pistachio products include pistachio butter, sweetmeat, oil, skin and slices.

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pistachio butter

pistachio butter is a pasty product that is often prepared with closed mouth pistachios. The reason for choosing closed mouth peanuts is that this type of pistachiois the best in terms of health. The term butter refers to this product because it does not separate pistachio oil during the production process. And the fat in the product stays in it completely. This fat makes the dough pasty. It is also important to know that pistachio oil and fat are completely cholesterol free. It is obtained from roasted and ground nuts along with sugar or natural sweeteners such as honey and date nectar. This product can be used by all sections of society. pistachio butter can be used as a cream between biscuits and wafers, cake and cookie pie, ice cream decorations and more. The characteristics of pistachiobutter depend on its formulation and production method. This product can be easily stored at room temperature and does not require a freezer. Making this type of butter at home is very simple, the only thing in making this recipe is to use raw peanuts. The most important thing in preparing pistachio butter is to use raw and high quality pistachiokernels. Roasted and salted pastes are not suitable for preparing this type of butter. Also, in preparing this butter, it should be noted that it has quality and freshness. Because some peanuts are low in fat, any type of pistachiocan be used to make pistachio butter.

pistachio sweetmeat

pistachio sweetmeat is a solid product with a uniform appearance. By mixing sugar syrup and ground pistachiokernels and other permitted additives, it is obtained with certain compounds. pistachio is an energy source and easily provides the calories your body needs. This sweetmeat is made from sesame seeds. It is produced in Iran and other countries such as Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia and some Arab countries. Egg white is used in the formula to break the texture of sweetmeat. Citric acid also converts some of the sugar consumed into glucose and fructose. This not only reduces the sweetness of the product, but also prevents the product texture from becoming too crystallized. Wood water, a plant of the coprophilous family that is mostly found in Europe and sometimes in Iran, is also used. This is due to its emulsifying, whitening and dehydrating properties. As one of the pistachioconversion industries, this product can be a step towards increasing the per capita consumption of peanuts. A desirable sweetmeat should have the following characteristics:

  • The texture is soft.
  • Thread like fibers are very thin.
  • It does not have a sharp taste.
  • Do not crush when cutting.
  • Do not separate the oil.

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pistachio oil

pistachio oil is a type of edible vegetable oil obtained from pistachiokernels. Due to its high levels of vitamin E, it helps to rejuvenate facial skin, strengthens and increases hair growth and lowers high blood cholesterol. It is an oil that is produced by mechanical pressure from the brain of this product. In general, nuts have palmitic, stearic, oleic and linolenic fatty acids. Usually their second position is esterified with unsaturated fatty acids. This feature has also been observed in pistachio oil. The oil of this product is composed of essential fatty acids. Its main fatty acid is oleic acid C1. In Iranian pistachios, it accounts for 37.75%.

pistachio slices

pistachio slices are one of the best and most expensive pistachioproducts. Due to its very green color, enough oil and first class taste, pistachioslices are exported all over the world. The quality of pistachio slices depends on the green color and health of the slices and their taste and oil. It also depends on the type of pistachio. It is better to make pistachio slices at home, so that they are both affordable and healthier. There are two ways to make homemade pistachioslices, depending on whether the pistachios are wet or dry. Here is how to make a cut.

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The first method is done using peanuts. It is picked before the peanuts ripen and fill. This type of brain is incredibly green and beautiful. It is very easy to prepare homemade pistachio slices of this type of brain. First, the pistachio kernel is separated from the bone shell. Then the pistachiokernel is divided into two cobs from the middle line and then the cobs are cut. As the slices dry, they become smaller. So even if the slices are a little thick, there is no problem. Because the pistachiokernel loses its green color due to direct sunlight and turns yellow. Then pour the slices on a tray and let them dry in the open air away from sunlight. After drying, we can pour the slices in a sealed container and keep them in the freezer for a long time for a year.

The second method is to prepare slices with dried peanuts. In this method, the pistachio kernel is separated from the dried pistachio of the bony shell. Then the pistachio kernels should be peeled or, in other words, cut into two pieces. To peel the kernels, pour them into a pot of boiling water and let it stand for about one to two minutes. We test it every now and then. Does the skin separate from the brain or not? If it boils too much, the pistachiowill soften and its color will turn yellow due to excessive boiling in the water. After recognizing that the skin of the brain is easily detached, rinse it and pour it into a container that is cold water or a mixture of water and ice. Then we squeeze them, so that the skin on the brains is separated.
At this point, we remove the cobs from the middle in the form of a cocoon. Chop each cob into thin, thin slices. The slices should be placed on a tray and in a room away from direct sunlight for 2 to 3 days, away from any heat, to dry. Then we freeze them. pistachio slices are not only used to decorate a variety of cakes and pastries. It is also used in the preparation and decoration of all kinds of desserts and foods such as pilaf, sweetmeat and shellfish, and in the preparation of traditional and mechanized ice creams.

pistachio skin

Thousands of tons of pistachioskins are produced annually in Kerman province and are cleaned in pistachio factories and depot pistachiofields. Soft skin can cause severe fungal infections and garden diseases that cause irreparable damage. However, if used properly, it can also be used to make a profit. But more importantly, the woody skin is a pistachio product. It is referred to as forgotten wealth. Every year, thousands of tons of this product are destroyed in the pistachio fields of Kerman, which also leads to severe environmental pollution. If you look at pistachiofields, especially after the harvest and export season, you can easily see thousands of tons of scattered pistachios stored in pistachioorchards being burned.

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According to research conducted by researchers at the Rafsanjan carbon factory, pistachio skin can be used as a byproduct of the pistachio industry to produce pure carbon. At present, a significant part of the country’s need for pure carbon is produced abroad. It imports more than the United States, Sweden and China, and costs millions of dollars to import. If a significant part of the country’s carbon is being produced at the Rafsanjan carbon plant. However, a significant portion of pistachios produced in Iran are exported to other countries raw and with pistachioskin. Eventually, byproducts are produced in the destination country, and the profits of this industry reach the pockets of pistachio importing countries without any benefit to the domestic economy.
Each kilogram of carbon is produced from 12 kilograms of pistachio skin. Some countries have considered pure carbon production as one of their most lucrative industries. They also produce carbon from almond skin, palm kernels and coconut. Due to the high volume of pistachio production in Rafsanjan and Kerman province, this feature can be used. These crops become waste in most gardens in the country and have no destiny other than extinction. They can be converted to pure carbon, thus saving the country significant foreign exchange.

Quality control of pistachio products

Exported pistachio products are subject to the mandatory standard of exported goods. Therefore, the Standards and Industrial Research Organization of Iran is responsible for inspecting, determining the standard grade and issuing the standard certificate for issuance.
In addition, the organization will perform aflatoxin testing for this product. During the export of peanuts abroad, when leaving the customs borders or when entering the importing countries, customs clearance in those countries is subject to the submission of documents, which include:

  • Standard certificate
  • Bill of health
  • Leaf result of aflatoxin test

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The preparation of a standard certificate is more in order to control the quality of exported goods, their packaging, to prevent the entry of substandard and goods into foreign markets and to damage Iran’s export markets. In addition, in order to import Iranian pistachio products as a food item to most countries, it is necessary to provide a health certificate from the country of origin. Leaf Certificate The result of the aflatoxin test is requested by the importing country to ensure that the pistachio toxin is not contaminated with aflatoxin. The quality control of the raw material is from the time it is in the production line to its complete processing. Quality control of the final product, such as raw pistachios in terms of smiling, immature, full brain, brain wrinkles, osteoporosis, pests and malformations will be examined. Factors such as appearance, uniformity, spotting, and so on will also be assessed. In order to control the raw materials during the production of the final product, various tests must be performed. These tests are performed in two ways. Experiments in which materials and products are visually controlled. Experiments that study materials and products in terms of microbial and physicochemical properties.

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