You may have heard the name of Rafsanjan and pistachios of Rafsanjan in TV or media news many times, and this question arises for you. Where is Rafsanjan at all? Is Rafsanjan pistachio really the best type of pistachio? Or what is the best type of Rafsanjan pistachio? I suggest you read on to read the answers to your questions.

Rafsanjan pistachio, the most delicious pistachio in the world

You may have heard the name of Rafsanjan and pistachios of Rafsanjan in TV or media news many times, and this question arises for you. Where is Rafsanjan at all? Is Rafsanjan pistachio really the best type of pistachio? Or what is the best type of Rafsanjan pistachio? I suggest you read on to read the answers to your questions.

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Figure1-Rafsanjan Pistachio

Where is the city of Rafsanjan – Rafsanjan pistachio

Rafsanjan is located in the north of the largest province of the country, Kerman, and is the third most populous city in Kerman. Rafsanjan is home to the world’s largest open pit mine, the Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine, known as the Turquoise Eye. Of course, other countries in the world, such as the United States and Turkey, also produce and export Rafsanjan pistachios. But in the global market, Iran and the United States have taken over the pistachio market and are contributing more to pistachio production. In the United States, most pistachios are produced in the state of California and in Iran in the city of Rafsanjan. It is currently the largest producer in the United States and is ranked second in Iran and Turkey.

What is the reason for the significant progress of the United States in the pistachio industry – Rafsanjan pistachio

Pistachios in Iran are a thousand years old and pistachios have been planted in Iran for a long time. But in 1979, during the US embassy’s hostage taking and the imposition of harsh sanctions on Iran, the United States took full advantage of Iran’s lack of presence in the pistachio market. Even in recent years, even countries that have been willing to buy Iranian pistachios have not been able to buy pistachios due to sanctions and restrictions, and this has had a major impact on the Iranian pistachio market. Rising demand for pistachios from China and rising pistachio prices have also boosted demand for American pistachios. From 2008 to 2013, US pistachio exports to China increased by 146 percent. But another reason for US pistachio development is the 242 percent tariff that the United States has imposed on imported pistachios, and it is also not possible to export pistachios to the United States, and an active pistachio market will be eliminated for Iran.

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Figure2-Rafsanjan Pistachio

Features that have made Rafsanjan pistachio tasty and high quality

In Iran, pistachios are grown in different regions, including Damghan, Kerman, Khorasan and Damghan, which is the best type of Rafsanjan pistachio. But you may ask, why is Rafsanjan the best type of pistachio for buying and eating pistachios? The best way to diagnose or perhaps the easiest way is to eat and taste pistachios. Nuts that have an unusual taste, they are either too salty or tasteless or sour, are not a good option to eat. In fact, Rafsanjan pistachio is the first in terms of taste, flavor and freshness. Its appearance is that Rafsanjan pistachio has a unique physique and shape from all similar samples, and for example, it is not similar to pistachios that are planted in California and the United States. Another feature of a good pistachio is the amount of fat in it, which means that the more pistachio fat, the tastier the pistachio. And Rafsanjan pistachio has a good level of fat that makes its taste unique. Another factor is the difference between Rafsanjan pistachio and pistachio planting distance from the sea level and the warm and suitable climate of pistachio. Pistachio has a different taste in any type of climate.

The effect of Rafsanjan climate on the taste of Rafsanjan pistachio

According to statistics, Rafsanjan has a dry and desert climate, and the amount of rainfall in Rafsanjan, like most desert and central regions of Iran, has a hot and dry climate in summer. In general, Rafsanjan and the whole province of Kerman have a dry climate due to its proximity to the desert. These climatic characteristics mentioned in the text above create a strong and different taste of pistachio in Iran and Rafsanjan. In fact, pistachio, climate and dry climate, which has low humidity, are preferred. In general, if the pistachio wants to grow well and taste well, it should be in an area that has a dry and hot summer, less than the desert temperature, and winters that have a mild temperate cold.


Figure3-Rafsanjan Pistachio

This year’s price increase may have surprised your incredible pistachios and ask why this has happened. The reason for this increase was the decrease in the supply of pistachios in the market and the increase in demand. Now the reason for the decrease in the supply of pistachios in the market was the severe winter cold that occurred in Rafsanjan and caused the destruction of pistachio buds, and in practice the amount of production was greatly reduced. Geographical location also has a great effect on the taste of pistachios. It may be interesting to know that pistachios that are produced in our country, for example in Damghan or Khorasan, have different tastes and flavors with Rafsanjan pistachios.

Important types of Rafsanjan pistachio

There are a lot of pistachio cultivars in Rafsanjan, and we are dealing with the most well-known and exported pistachios here.

  • Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio – Rafsanjan Pistachio

This type of pistachio has a special place among pistachio varieties and is the best type of pistachio that has the most pistachio exports. These pistachios often form our Eid night nuts and sweets are used. Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is large and looks like almonds, but it is smaller than Akbari pistachio.

  • Akbari pistachio – Rafsanjan pistachio

Akbari pistachio is the second most popular in terms of popularity. Akbari pistachio, like Ahmad Aghaei type, has a long appearance and a large brain, but it is larger than Ahmad Aghaei pistachio and in terms of weight, this type of pistachio has more weight.

  • Kalle Ghuchi Pistachio – Rafsanjan Pistachio

Another high quality pistachio in Rafsanjan and Iran is pistachio. This type of pistachio is in the category of large and hazelnut shaped pistachios, which is very tasty and delicious. The main reason for the popularity of pistachios is its large brain and beautiful appearance.

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Figure4-Rafsanjan Pistachio

  • Fandoghi pistachio – Rafsanjan pistachio

Fandoghi pistachio is the smallest type of pistachio and is similar in appearance to hazelnuts. As a result, it seems to be affordable and economical.

Countries producing pistachios – Rafsanjan pistachios

If we want to classify pistachio producing countries in terms of pistachio production, the United States is in the first place, Iran is in the second place, and Turkey is in the third place. In the recent past, Iran was in the first place. In the global market, few countries can produce it.

Pistachio production in the United States – Rafsanjan pistachio

Pistachios are not very old compared to other products in the global market, so the global market is not yet saturated and thirsty for pistachios. The industrial production of pistachio production in California has been unfair to the market.

Pistachio production in Turkey – Rafsanjan pistachio

It is true that pistachio production in Turkey is lower than in Iran and is the third largest exporter of pistachios, but it was able to import $ 215 million in foreign exchange only by exporting Rafsanjan pistachios, which are good quality and tasty pistachios. Turkey plans to steal the competition from Iran and the United States by significantly increasing its pistachio orchards under the southeastern Anatolian project and becoming the world’s largest producer of pistachios.

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Figure5-Rafsanjan pistachios

Benefits of Rafsanjan pistachio

Rafsanjan pistachio not only gives you a delicious taste and pleasant aroma, but also makes your body fresh and healthy. Fresh pistachios from Rafsanjan pistachio garden include a variety of protein and vitamins needed by the body. Rafsanjan pistachio kernels have a large amount of absorbable iron in the body compared to other nuts and nuts. Pistachio kernels also increase sexual potency, sexual potency and increase human concentration. If you would like to know more about the benefits of this nutritious seed, I suggest you read about the benefits of pistachios.

Our dear country, Iran, is full of divine blessings, from oil reserves, copper, iron, and so on, to Rafsanjan pistachios, which we consume with pleasure every day, perhaps a few seeds. Therefore, it is the duty of our officials and ourselves to build the prosperity and prosperity of our country by relying on these vast resources of wealth. As you can see, until a few years ago, we were the first in the pistachio and dried fruit market to export and supply the world market, and it caused a huge profit in our country. For the reasons explained in the text, we now have a lower rank in Rafsanjan pistachio exports. But with the tact of the officials and the perseverance of the dear people of our country, the ability to return to the position we deserve pistachios. And that requires our careful consideration and focus on this issue.

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Figure6-Rafsanjan pistachios

The charm of Rafsanjan pistachio for European traders

This year, Rafsanjan is expected to harvest 28,000 tons of pistachios, although it was empty. However, in order to pick up this amount of pistachios, many workers are needed, although to the detriment of the farmer, Rafsanjan pistachio hosted a business from European countries. The compassionate and always working director of Rafsanjan Agricultural Jihad, who is one of the most successful farmers in this city, accompanied these businessmen to get the best baggage of their trip from the pistachio city of the world and return to their country to continue to benefit our city and country. Rafsanjan pistachio is the second most valuable non-oil commodity in Iran, which still has its place, and Rafsanjan produces the best products. According to the poisonous atmosphere that the world has created against our country and consequently the pistachio crop. It has been suggested that Iran no longer has water and cannot produce pistachios.

Iranian pistachio has no end – Rafsanjan pistachios

They went to eight acre orchards, three acres, and other high yield orchards, and saw the state of pistachio processing terminals, acknowledging that the situation was contrary to their perception of the space created in their minds. Traders from Australia, Spain, Turkey and Germany were among the companies that agreed to take the risk and enter into a trade deal with Iran. The next thing that was interesting to them was the taste of Iranian pistachios, which also differs between our four export figures. These cases made traders happy that they could consume Iranian pistachios with the least difficulty.

More than 40% of oral products are closed – Rafsanjan pistachios

In the 5 to 6 days that the harvest had officially begun, the percentage of mouthwatering pistachios was high. On average, there were over 40 percent of mouthwatering pistachios, and in places where the crop was high, there were over 30 percent of empty pistachios. Where pistachio trees had drip irrigation, they had the least volatility, and wherever good nutrition and scientific methods were used, there was a lower percentage of hollow pistachios.

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    Dear Sir/Madam, Salamaat,
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    • hashem mehraban says:

      Transplanted pistachio seedlings are very commercial species. Special for export in the form of almonds. Lake Deir cultivar is suitable for cold regions. Akbari pistachio seedlings are one of the most popular varieties. This variety is a large, nutty and marketable product and is therefore one of the most expensive types of pistachios. Akbari pistachio seedlings Akbari pistachio seedlings are one of the most popular and planted varieties. This variety is a large, nutty and marketable product and is therefore one of the most expensive types of pistachios.

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