Pistachio sliced or sliced pistachio  is a product that is made by separating the skin of the pistachio kalk and cutting it into thin slices. The greener and more colorful your pistachio, the more suitable it is for slicing. So to prepare pistachio slices, always look for very green pistachios.

What is a pistachio slice?

Pistachio sliced or sliced pistachio is a product that is made by separating the skin of the pistachio kalk and cutting it into thin slices. The greener and more colorful your pistachio, the more suitable it is for slicing. So to prepare pistachio slices, always look for very green pistachios.

Where can I get first class pistachio slices?

Before we get into how to make pistachio slices, it is worth noting that you can buy pistachio slices readymade and completely first class from dried fruit stores. Pistachio slices in stores are made from the best and highest quality kalk kernels and with full observance of hygienic principles. But if you want to make it yourself in your kitchen, you can read on to find out how to make it. 

Which type of pistachio is suitable for preparing pistachio slices?

To make slices, you can use raw pistachios, whether dried or fresh, kalk kernels with skin and kalk kernels without skin, but the best and most reasonable choice is kalk kernels with skin.

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Figure1-pistachio slice

Disadvantages of preparing pistachio slices from raw kernels

Preparation of sliced raw pistachio kernels due to its low green color, and after placing in warm water and separating the skin, the color of the kernel turns yellow. Based on the experience of the brain, the result will be poor quality, and this is important for those who care about color.

Disadvantages of preparing pistachio slices from the skin of kalk

The disadvantages of this method are that it is dry when you buy the callus. You have to put it in hot water to soften the brains and you can do the process of cutting and slicing the brain and preparing the slices. This causes the brain to turn yellow and the quality of the brain to be very low. It is also important to note that if you want to do this with ordinary water, then being in water with normal temperature can cause mold in the brain, and in some cases may activate the fungal enzymes of pistachio skin and produce aflatoxin.

How to prepare pistachio slices

It is better to use Qazvin pistachios to prepare pistachio slices. Because Qazvin pistachio is green, but the rest of the pistachios are yellow. You can make as many pistachios as you need, using both fresh pistachios and dried pistachios. Pour the pistachios into the boiling water and let it boil until the skin is easily separated. If it boils too much, the color of the pistachios will return. Pour the paste into the drain so that it does not boil too much in the water. If the amount of pistachios is high and they dry as long as you want to peel them, put them in water to keep their skin fresh. After peeling the pistachios, put them in ice water, this will open the pistachio kernels and make them coarse and color them. Then cut the pistachio kernels with a very sharp knife and board. If the knife is not sharp, the slices will be crushed when slicing the pistachio. Then spread a clean cotton ball in a tray or basket and spread the pistachios over it, then allow to dry in a place away from sunlight and outdoors.

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Figure2-pistachio slice

Tips for preparing pistachio slices

  • Do not forget to shake the pistachio kernels to dry better.
  • If the this slices are dried in the sun, they will turn yellow.
  • Make sure the slices get a little smaller when they dry, as the water loses them.
  • Make almond slices at home in the same way.
  • Some readymade pistachio slices are a mixture of sliced beans and unreliable. It is best to prepare it at home for your own use.

Almond and pistachio slices

Keep sliced pistachios and dried almonds in a cool, dry place. You can put sliced pistachios in a sealed container or in a freezer bag and store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

What are the uses of pistachio slices?

This slices are a wonderful seasoning and decorator for a variety of foods, which makes your food very tasty and pleasant by adding them. Pistachios can also be used in the following cases:

Decorate all kinds of ice cream and cakes

Preparation of rice pudding

Decorate jam sweets

Add to stews

Use pistachio slices to make ice cream

One of the main uses and applications of pistachio and almond slices is in the production of traditional and modern types of ice cream. The pistachio and almond slices used to make ice cream should have a good appearance and quality because they are usually used on the product and for decoration. 

It can affect the sales volume of ice cream. As you know, the production center of pistachio slices is in Qazvin province and a significant volume of these products is used for supply in foreign markets.

Figure3-pistachio slice

Pistachio slice quality

this slices are obtained from pistachio kernels, and what type of pistachio is meant is that the pistachio kernels themselves are divided into two categories, and the pistachio slices are obtained from freshly ripened kernels. Pistachio is Qazvin. The most important factors in determining the quality of pistachio slices are the color and size of the slices. Green and long pistachio slices are considered the best quality and have the highest selling price. Buying green pistachio slices and of course the percentage of fat in pistachios is also an important parameter. Pistachio slices are one of the best and most expensive pistachio products, and pistachios in Iran are exported all over the world due to their very green color, sufficient oil and first class taste.

Properties of pistachio slices

The properties of this slices are similar to those of pistachio kernels, meaning that they are a rich source of B vitamins and minerals such as iron and magnesium. It is effective in treating colds and also increases sexual potency. Pistachio slices have a wide range of vitamins, proteins and minerals that make it one of the most popular nuts. Consumption of pistachios has a great effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is also good for calming and regulating the heart rate and calming the nerves, and it lowers bad cholesterol. Pistachio kernels are hematopoietic due to their iron content, and those with anemia must eat some pistachios daily. Because pistachios contain good nutrients and vitamins and are high in calories, it is recommended for athletes, students, adolescents, especially in adulthood, and for pregnant and lactating women.

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Figure4-pistachio slice

Disadvantages of pistachio slices

Pistachio kernels are hot and dry. Eating too much of it causes body heat and hives and red grains on the skin.

Consumption of large amounts of pistachios can lead to complications such as obesity, high blood pressure, intestinal diseases, stomach and vomiting.

Daily consumption of salted pistachios also increases the risk of high blood pressure, because half a cup of salted pistachios increases sodium intake to 263 to 526 mg, it raises blood pressure.

Pistachio slices

Keep this slices in a cool, dry place. You can put sliced pistachios in a sealed container or in a freezer bag and store them in the refrigerator or freezer. The following sources are available in 100 grams of pistachio slices:

Fatty ingredients 54 g

Calcium 130 mg

Phosphorus 500 mg

Iron 5.7 mg

15 grams of starch

2.5 grams of water

20 grams of protein

Potassium 950 mg

Vitamin A 230 units

Vitamin B1 7 mg

Vitamin B3 5.1 mg

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Figure5-pistachio slice

Iranian green pistachio slices exported

This slices are one of the best export products of pistachios in Iran, which are exported all over the world due to their very green color, sufficient oil and first class taste. Due to the fact that pistachio slices are one of the most expensive pistachio products, it costs a lot to buy them, so we need to know more about their features, quality, and packaging and storage conditions. This product is known in Iran as one of the main products of pistachio, which is used for many uses such as confectionery, food, ice cream shops and also export too many countries.

High quality pistachio slices

According to the same processes, this slices are known to be first class and good, which is as green as possible, more elongated and longer, free of any flowering skin of pistachio kernels and various wastes such as pistachio skin, metals, and wood. If the slices are black or brown, it indicates that the initial pistachio was not of good quality and fresh, and these slices may be a little more bitter, although the whole load is free of any It is impossible to be one of these stains, and to some extent, the presence of slightly yellow spots or with black spots is acceptable. When buying this product, you should pay attention to what percentage of the pistachios have been broken or softened, because often the slices of pistachios that are moved a lot are very soft in the bottom of the package, but even emptying the packages and checking all They damage the load again, so the best way is to know in advance about the quality of the production, and better yet, that the pistachio slices are produced at the time of ordering and delivered to the final customer immediately after production.

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Figure6-pistachio slice

Export pistachio slice standards

Due to the fact that this pistachio are considered a luxury and expensive product, their domestic sales are usually not very high, but one of its uses is for export. Pistachio slices are used to decorate many sweets, food as well as various foods, and considering that its production hub is Iran, a high percentage of this product is exported to different countries every year and one of the most profitable pistachio products to it counts. It is very important to know this product with export quality and what standards should be considered for the export of green pistachios in Iran.
It should be noted that the this pistachio selected for export are fresh. Because old products, in addition to health problems, quickly change color in the presence of open air, as well as light and heat, and have an unpleasant odor. This becomes clear when the cargo arrives at its destination after a long period of transportation and storage, and there is not much way back. The faults must have sufficient moisture, while this moisture must not exceed the allowable limit to the actual weight of the load as well as the quality of the product will impair. The main reason for this is to maintain the apparent health of the cargo during multiple customs and transport transfers.

Appropriate certificates for export must be prepared in accordance with the target country. For example, for European countries, it is necessary to obtain an aflatoxin certification from reputable EU laboratories in Iran and all customs standards are on the shipping documents. Failure to provide these documents and certificates is unacceptable for some countries, and immediately after the goods arrive at the customs of these countries, they will either be returned or in some cases will be completely destroyed. Packaging should be standard and have a positive effect on the durability of the product in terms of quality and prevent the fragments from breaking.

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