pistachio is a small tree originating in the Middle East and Central Asia. It is planted in countries like Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan. It produces a fruit that is edible and very delicate. pistachio is a persian word that has entered European languages ​​through Latin. Iranian pistachio production in the country in 2009 was equivalent to 574.987 tons, making Iran the world leader.

Iranian pistachio

pistachio is a small tree originating in the Middle East and Central Asia. It is planted in countries like Iran, Syria, Turkmenistan and western Afghanistan. It produces a fruit that is edible and very delicate. pistachio is a Persian word that has entered European languages ​​through Latin. Iranian pistachio production in the country in 2009 was equivalent to 574.987 tons, making Iran the world leader. After Iran, the US came in second with 272.291 tons production and China with 95.294 tons production. Most pistachio production in Iran is in Rafsanjan, Sirjan, Damghan, Neyriz, Marvast, Babak, Ravar, Zarand and Nainshahr.

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Figure1-Iranian pistachio

Iranian pistachio varieties used for export include Ahmad Aghaei, Akbari, Kalleghouchi and Hazelnut. Types of Iranian pistachio are used for the brain and smiling. As one of the largest pistachio producers in the world, Iran has become one of the pistols exporting hub. In this article we are going to talk about Iranian pistachio varieties, pistachio producing cities in Iran. What we need to know about Iranian pistachio and export crop is fully stated in this article. Given the government is support for nonoil exports, many exporting companies are turning to nuts. And since pistachio is one of the best nuts in Iran, they have been included in their list of products. pistachio production in Iran goes back a long way, and according to researchers in this field, Iranian pistachio production has been around for over a thousand years.

Types of Iranian pistachio

First of all, what is the best types of Iranian pistachio? Iran is one of the unique producers of pistachio. Because of it is wide variety in pistachio production. Some of these items are for sale and export and some are manufactured for the domestic market and are solely for domestic consumption. Before introducing the Iranian pistachio, it should be noted that the Iranian pistachio is divided into two groups, the smiling of mechanical pistachio or smiling water and pistachio or smiling natural pistachio. It is worth mentioning the details of these two. Smiling natural pistachios include all types of pistachios that have a natural quality and taste. The brand of this pistachio is natural open. The Some pistachios remain unopened on the tree and their mouths remain closed for three reasons. The former is exported intact, the second is produced from the pistachio kernel. The third case is also mechanically smiled with a special method, which is the mechanical smiley pistachio. This pistachio is inexpensive and is ideal for export markets. The brand of this pistachio is Mechanical open. The following Iranian pistachio samples have mechanically smiled and natural smiles.

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Figure2-Iranian pistachio

Introducing types of Iranian pistachio

Akbari pistachio is well known worldwide brand Super Long pistachio. This pistachio is well produced in many areas and is the most expensive and luxurious Iranian pistachio. This pistachio is offered from 18 to 28 ounces in Iranian pistachio and worldwide market.

Kalleghouchi pistachio have the Jumbo pistachio brand. This pistachio is one of the longest Iranian pistachio which has a good position in export market. The pistachio kale is similar in size to the Akbari pistachio.

ahmad aghaiee pistachio is known as the Long pistachio brand, it is completely white and without stain. This pistachio alone has managed to occupy many export markets, with 20 to 30 ounces available. The good price and the oiliness of this pistachio or its greasy attracts the customers.

Hazelnut pistachio or Fandoghi pistachio brand Round pistachio is known as the most expensive Iranian pistachio. In markets where a good quality product and a low price are needed, hazelnut pistachios are a great option. These pistachios are available in 24 to 34 ounces.

Almond pistachios are known under the same brand as Ahmad Aghaei in the market. Sometimes these pistachios are used for export. Almond pistachios are available on the market from 26 to 34 ounces.

The above are examples of Iranian pistachio exports, but some of the pistachio items we only mention are produced in lesser volume. Shah-pasand pistachio, Abbas Ali pistachio, red pistachio, Rezai pistachio, Hosseini pistachio are limited in volume production.

Akbari pistachio

The best, most commercial and best type of Iranian pistachio is Akbari pistachio. It is more elongated than Ahmad Aghaei, Hazelnut pistachio and Kalleghouchi pistachio and has higher commercial value. This type of pistachio is generally well cultivated in Rafsanjan and Kerman. But in other pistachio cities in Iran, this figure is well harvested. The pistachio tree type is a form that requires a lot of winter cold. This tree is more resistant to cold. Akbari pistachio tree is less planted in tropical regions and if planted it does not produce as good a cold pistachio product. The pistachio is harvested between 20 and 26 ounces. It depends on the type of soil, the place of planting, and the type of climate and tree breed. However, pistachio 24 ounces is more abundant in the type of Akbari and is coarse. Akbari pistachio is also bigger than Ahmad Aghaei pistachio and has a very good taste. Domestic and foreign customers of this type of pistachio are very large and more than 80% of Iran is pistachio enters major global markets. Akbari pistachios are also called house pistachio or luxurious pistachio. Price is higher than other pistachios. The major difference between Akbari pistachios is determined by the number of Akbari pistachios. This type of pistachio is susceptible to pest, but soil conditions, irrigation type and amount of cold play a major role in its growth and quality.

IRANIAN pistachio Varieties

Figure3-Iranian pistachio

ahmad aghaie pistachio

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is one of the great and delicious pistachios. This pistachio tree often grows well in Kerman and less in Rafsanjan and Damghan. This tree has moderate growth ability and wide growth habits, which is why in most areas with good climates. This type of pistachio can be easily handled. The height of pistachio tree is 309 cm. The average crown is 394 cm. This Iranian pistachio blooms around the beginning of April and takes about 12 to 13 days. The pistachio tree of Ahmad Aghaei is somewhat similar to the pistachio tree of Kalleghouchi. This tree has 12.5% ​​simple leaves, 61% three leaves, 7% four leaves and 18% 5 leaves. Each leaf is about 13 to 14 cm long and about 13 cm wide. The shape of ahmad aghaie pistachio tree is spherical. It is a cluster of pistachio trees, with a number of pistachios growing in each cluster. In Ahmad Aghaei pistachio tree, each cluster has a length of 12.21 cm and a width of 9 cm. Unlike other pistachios, this pistachio cluster gives less weight. Each pistachio cluster of ahmad aghaie weighs about 56 grams in the wet state and 47 grams in the dry state. About 30 pistachios grow in each cluster, of which 15% may be empty and 6% mouth closed. ahmad aghaie pistachio percentage is estimated to be 74%. ahmad aghaie pistachio is in the range of 22 to 28 ounces. Its range of 25 to 28 are coarse and 25 ounces below the smaller pistachios. But in general, this type of pistachio has a medium to large human suffering.

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Figure4-Iranian pistachio

Fandoghi pistachio

Naming this type of pistachio is because it looks like a hazelnut. This type of Iranian pistachio is also family with Kalleghouchi pistachio. This type of pistachio is small, so it is more in one kg than other pistachios. As a result, it is more economical to buy nuts. This type of pistachio has the highest consumption of Iranian pistachio and the largest export volume. About 60 percent of Fandoghi pistachio is composed of Kerman orchards. The hazelnut pistachio is sometimes also known as the pistachio. The reasonable price of this product makes it available on the market for a major supply. Fandoghi pistachio nuts are more popular than other types of pistachio nuts. Because it is tasty and tasty. It is used in the preparation of various pastries, including Muscat and Gaz, with hazelnut pistachios. In addition to enhancing the taste and quality of the pastry, it is a good decoration on the cake. Most production areas of this product are Kerman, Rafsanjan, Zarand and Sirjan. Khorasan province, Feyz Abad and Mah Velat also produce it.

Cities of producing Iranian pistachio

By introducing different types of Iranian pistachios, it is better to get acquainted with Iranian pistachio producing cities in general. As you know, pistachio production in Iran is widespread in many provinces. Currently Iranian export pistachio is produced in provinces and cities of lower Iran. Kerman province is the oldest producer of Iranian pistachio which is produced in Rafsanjan, Kerman, Sirjan, Zarand, Ravar and … Yazd province is another good producer of Iranian pistachio. This province produces good pistachios with good geographical location. Greater Khorasan province also has good conditions for pistachio production in Feyz Abad, Qaenat, Birjand, Khawaf, Torbate Heydariyeh and others. pistachio is also produced in Semnan, Qazvin, Fars, Qom, Tehran and even some areas of northern Iran.

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Figure5-Iranian pistachio

Export history of Iranian pistachio

Some content of a product and its export fields are always attractive to buyers. Many buyers are looking for helpful content on these issues. According to available statistics, the first export of Iranian pistachios started abroad in the Qajar era. Prior to the revolution, due to low production conditions, this volume of exports remained at a few tons. After the revolution, many pistachio growers began to plant large quantities of pistachio in the areas prone to pistachio cultivation in the 1960s. This pistachio planting in recent years has made Iran the first pistachio producer. From about 1980 onwards, Iran took over the pistachio exporting stall and operated without a rival in the world. The US has competed with Iran in recent years. Due to inaccurate policies, Iranian pistachio market was gradually abandoned by Iranian traders. In 2013, by announcing a ban on Iranian pistachio exports, the United States had an opportunity to seize Iranian pistachio markets. With all these interpretations due to the poor quality of pistachios produced by the US and other competitors, including Turkey, Iran was able to obtain its lost markets and use whatever was produced in the country for export.

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Figure6-Iranian pistachio

Organic production of Iranian pistachio

Organic pistachio is one of the best type of Iranian pistachio. It is interesting to know that only organic pistachio and forest pistachio are produced in Iran. Organic garden pistachio is produced in Kerman, Zarandieh and some areas of Khorasan. Its volume reaches nearly two thousand tons a year. All types of pistachios mentioned above are also produced organically. Organic pistachios are divided into two types. Forest pistachio in northeast of the country and mountain pistachio known as bane. The forest pistachio is known as the wild pistachio brand. It should be noted that organic pistachio types are more expensive than conventional pistachios.

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