It changes every year for a variety of reasons, and we need to optimize our garden by modifying it. Soloptas is roughly the best type of potash fertilizer in pistachio orchard , but unfortunately the market is full of fake soloptas that do not contain 0.5% real potash. This requires farmers to turn to people with expertise and expertise.

pistachio orchard conditions

It changes every year for a variety of reasons, and we need to optimize our garden by modifying it. Soloptas is roughly the best type of potash fertilizer in pistachio orchards, but unfortunately the market is full of fake soloptas that do not contain 0.5% real potash. This requires farmers to turn to people with expertise and expertise. Experts who only research will not cure pain. Experts, in my opinion, are experts who intervene in the market of agricultural inputs and can identify good and bad goods. Our country, Iran, is under sanctions. High quality pistachio fertilizer with high quality has become very expensive and may not even be imported this year. Therefore, it is possible that the fertilizer from which I personally received an acceptable answer last year will not be available in the market this year, so we should look for a similar quality.

This work of art is an agricultural expert and researcher in the field of pistachios! That is, given that the terms of the day are formulated and all the formulas are available on the Internet and books, but having knowledge and experience is something that is not easy to achieve. There are many reasons for the increase in pistachio psyllid population, some of which are important.

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High ambient temperature- pistachio

pistachio psyllids is an insect that is very interested in drought and with increasing ambient temperature, its metabolism and production rate increase very much.

Insufficient and unprincipled nutrition of trees- pistachio

Certainly, trees that benefit from good nutrition, especially with the element potassium, show a high level of resistance to the psyllid insect. Poultry, urea, etc., as they dilute the sap, the population of the psyllid insect will also increase.

Unreasonable spraying, especially in the egg step- pistachio

Another cause of most pesticide failures is the destruction of pistachio seed insect eggs.

Types of tree cultivars- pistachio

Some cultivars of trees will be more sensitive to pistachio psyllid insects, preferably hosting psyllids compared to these cultivars. This insect has become more interested in this species.

Size of tree products- pistachio

pistachio trees will be much more sensitive to pistachio psyllids in the years when they produce a lot of crops due to weakness due to the process of filling the brain, and the damage to this tree will be greater. But the important thing is that pistachio trees will tolerate high pressure from all sides during the filling stage of the brain, such a high population is unbearable, so at the first time to start fighting against this pest. The high population of psyllid insects can cause the process of filling the brain to fail or cause pistachios to be half brained.

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Sunburn in a pistachio tree

As the ambient temperature rises in the summer, you will find that pistachio fruit burns occur, which in some environmental conditions and other types will be more pronounced:

In cultivars with low leaf cover, such as Fandoghi, due to the lack of shade of the leaves and putting them under the intense sun.

This disease is also seen in some cultivars such as Ahmad Aghaei and Kalleh Ghuchi.
In lands that are more prone to drying out, including sandy and saline soils, the environment will be more sensitive to fruit.

In gardens that use longer circuits.

The question may be, why start with the tip? This is due to the fact that the tip of the pistachio fruit is softer than the rest of its points, and the reason is due to the low calcium content at this point of the pistachio.

Suggested solutions- pistachio

If possible, the irrigation circuit should be lowered in August, when the water requirement of pistachio fertilizer will be at its highest, for example, if the circuit is 30 days, it will be reduced to twenty five days or lower.

After the tree has reached the peak of heat, after a series of watering, potassium compounds, especially potassium silicate, play an important role in preventing high disease.

It is very important to use calcium fertilizers after harvest and the upcoming season.

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Branch-eating beetle in pistachio trees

The scientific name of this beetle is Hylesinus vestitus. Damage method: These harmful insects penetrate the branch from the point of germination of the point of attachment of the petiole to the branch. And they dig a very small hole inside the branches. And so the buds that will turn into branches or fruits next year will be destroyed. This pest is very common in orchards that have been abandoned and do not give them water and fertilizer at all.

If you have such gardens next to your garden, 100% of your garden is also polluted. Note that the pest is different from the pistachio wood eating butterfly. Most of the damage caused by this pest occurs during the spring and summer seasons, and each insect can feed on one bud and penetrate the branch, destroying the entire branch.

The method of damaging this insect- pistachio

Each beetle can enter from the germination point and feed inside the branch and move forward, and in addition to destroying the bud, it will also dry and destroy the branch. The tunnel dug by the beetle’s full insects will run through the tunnels until the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, and then they come out.

One way to deal with- pistachio

Putting freshly pruned wood in a few places in the garden at the end of the fall season, and due to the emergence of full grown insects during this time and attacking these woods at the end of winter, burn these woods and branches. The insect is often found in orchards that are not well fed and irrigated, or in gardens that have been abandoned altogether. It turns out that it will attract these wood eating insects. And keep in mind that a tree that is irrigated and fed in an orderly manner cannot be attacked by these pests, except that the abandoned trees are next to these orchards.

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Drought margin due to nematode activity- pistachio

Nematodes are one of the most important diseases of pistachio tree fertilizer, which will be present in most places where pistachios are planted with intensity and weakness.

Damage caused by nematodes- pistachio

In such a way that by destroying the roots of the trees, the balance of the interior of the tree will upset the air with the aerial part, and the tree will not be able to meet the nutritional needs of the aerial part of the tree because it sees a large part of its root volume lost. Had.

The most important typical signs of nematode damage- pistachio

In the form of drying, part of the leaf margins of trees with the same drought margin is visible, but the drought margin can have other causes, for example, lack of potassium, salinity, sand or hard layers around the roots and or A combination of the above causes.

Solutions to control nematodes- pistachio

Certainly at a time when we have to fight against the consequences that the larvae of nematodes have come out of the roots and want to enter the earth, this will happen two times.

  1. March
  2. The month of September

But the most important thing is that pistachio trees produce a lot of root physiologically at high times. In these times, in addition to nematode killing compounds, it is necessary to combine the roots that cause rooting in the tree. It stimulates and elevates, let’s use. You may be wondering why this drought is not seen early in the season and when the temperature rises and in the summer the signs appear. The answer is that in early spring, the size of the metabolism as well as the nutritional needs of the tree is not high, and the air temperature is very favorable. As the temperature rises, the brain begins to fill, the activity of psyllids and other pests all contribute to Trees put a lot of pressure, and so called trees lower their tolerance thresholds, and in principle, trees with such low root size do not meet the ability to meet all the nutritional and physiological needs of trees.

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The question is, what is the solution at this point in time, especially in the summer, and should we be patient until September? The answer is definitely no. The best compounds that can protect your tree in this state and prevent it from drying out are potassium compounds such as soloptas and a compound called ecotes. Its content is potassium thiosulfate, which keeps the margin of drought constant at this stage and makes special changes in the appearance of trees.

Do the leaves start to dry out in places with spots- pistachio

In answer to this question, it should be said that these are the initial signs of nitrogen deficiency, but of course, the dimensions and points that can be mentioned are stated. They join together and cover the entire surface of the leaf, due to nitrogen deficiency. However, the first argument that is made is that we used nitrogen fertilizer. But here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • pistachio trees have the highest need for nitrogen and then potassium for the elements several times a year.
  • The second point is that some of the nitrogen used in the earth cannot be absorbed for various reasons such as high salinity and pH and ‌‌‌‌…

A very important point is to use unfertilized manure in winter, some farmers use a very high volume of these unfertilized fertilizers per tree, which is to decompose this high volume of fertilizer. Livestock or animals will absorb a very large portion of the earth’s nitrogen to decompose, so there will be competition between the trees to absorb nitrogen. What’s worse is the fact that some farmers use long range gears, so high environmental stresses and extreme heat can greatly increase this yellowness. The recommended tips are as follows:

  • Always keep in mind that nitrogen fertilizers should be applied from the first water circuit in May, starting from a low size, and gradually increasing to the time it takes to close the brain, which will be released in July.
  • Please do not use rotted manure, animal manure is excellent for the soil, but it is not very dangerous for the tree.
  • Pay special attention to the application of nitrogen fertilizers to soil conditions, irrigation circuit, crop size and age of trees.
  • Dear farmer, we remind you that in the first irrigation, fertilizers containing nitrogen, which includes urea or ammonium sulfate, should be used, and two days later, irrigation should be used with fertilizers that contain potassium and amino acids or nitrogen.

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Infection of ticks by leaf margins- pistachio

The first step is to examine and determine the degree of contamination of the pistachio tree with ticks by examining the sides of the leaves. Most of the time, the leaves of the trees next to the garden, which reach them more in hot weather and have more wind flow, should be examined. In ticks infected with ticks, the edges of the leaves have white scales, which cause a lot of peeling of ticks. If with a magnifying glass or a binocular device, the sides of the leaves are carefully. If we look up, we can see the nymphs of the ticks. One of these compounds studied to quickly stop the dryness of the land and eliminate potassium deficiency is the use of a fertilizer called potassium thiosulfate, which is known as eco TS. One of the nutritional problems seen in pistachios is the fading of the sides of the leaves and, most severely, the dryness of the leaves. Drying of the sides of the leaves in pistachios depends on various reasons:

  • Salinity
  • Potassium deficiency
  • The sand or lightness of the earth at the points of activity of the absorption roots
  • Nematodes
  • A combination of the above factors

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