Pistachio is one of the most important and constant members of Iranian ounce, the amount of potassium of which is equal to the size of orange. It is very important because of its nutrients. Kerman province and Rafsanjan city are the main centers of pistachio production in Iran. Depending on the difference between each of the pistachios and where they are grown, their size varies. This size is known for buying and selling pistachios with pistachio ounce.

Iran is one of the world is leading pistachio producers

Pistachio is one of the most important and constant members of Iranian ounce, the amount of potassium of which is equal to the size of orange. It is very important because of its nutrients. Kerman province and Rafsanjan city are the main centers of pistachio production in Iran. Depending on the difference between each of the pistachios and where they are grown, their size varies. This size is known for buying and selling pistachios with pistachio ounce. Despite its small size, pistachios are a rich source of nutrients for human health. With a long history of pistachio cultivation, Iran is one of the world is leading pistachio producers. In fact, Iran, along with the United States is one the two major producers of pistachios in the world. So that 70 to 80% of the world is pistachio production is done by these two countries. Pistachio is an export product in Iran, more than 90% of which is exported to other countries. Its quality is also measured based on pistachio ounce. Pistachio ounce is one of the things you do not need to consider when shopping. But for people looking to buy and sell pistachios, that could be a little different. They need to know more about pistachios and pistachios ounce. Having enough information about pistachio ounce can help boost trade and improve exports to other countries. It can be considered as the main criterion for buying pistachios.

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Figure1-pistachios ounce

Due to the export of pistachio products and the dependence of pistachio prices on the exchange rate, the entry of this product in the form of futures contracts can control the risk of price fluctuations for farmers during severe currency fluctuations. Pistachio deals have already been traded on the commodity exchange. In 1987 and 1988, a total of 100 tons of pistachios produced by Sirjan were offered by Sirjan Agricultural Foundation. But no deal was made on it. In 1995, 30 tons of pistachios were examined. After that, all kinds of Akbari pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei, Fandoghi and Kalleghouchi were traded according to the standard of Iran Commodity Exchange.

What is pistachio ounce?

One of the important commercial properties is the large size of pistachio seeds. Some consumers prefer large pistachios. Most consumers consider small pistachios to be of lower value and do not choose them. Pistachio seed size is expressed in most sources with pistachio ounce, which indicates the number of pistachios at 28.3 grams. The higher the number, the smaller the size of the pistachio. Pistachio, like gold, has its own ounce. Pistachio flavor is a numerical measure by which the size of a pistachio is large or small. One the most important things in our country is dried fruit industry is the calculation of pistachio ounce. Many consumers are unfamiliar with pistachio ounce and have heard the word ounce more in the gold industry. But it is interesting to know that pistachio, like gold, has its own ounce. The size of the pistachio is primarily affected by its type. In the pistachio trade, the three parameters of pistachio type, pistachios ounce and pistachio see play an important role. The type of pistachio that is usually divided into Akbari pistachio, Kalleghouchi pistachio, Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, Fandoghi pistachio and Momtaz pistachio. Pistachio is one of the crime assessment units and a global unit. In pistachio ounce trade, a measure is used to measure the size of a pistachio. This criterion has been around for a long time. Pistachio flavor is a measure by which the size of a pistachio is large or small. The equivalent of this word is the word size, which is also used in international transactions as pistachio size.

Figure2-pistachios ounce

The smaller numerical the number is larger the pistachio. Usually, in most cases, two numbers are used to express pistachio ounce. For example, it is said that pistachio Akbari ounce 24-22 or pistachio Ahmad Aghaei ounce 30-28 and similarly for different types of pistachios ounce is presented in this way. This is because not all pistachios are the same size. In fact, the pistachio number of pistachio ounce is said to be average.

How to calculate the smile of pistachio ounce

To measure the size of a pistachios ounce, they first place a 142 gram weight on a scales. Then they put pistachios in another bowl. Until the two scales reach equilibrium. Then the pistachios are tied into groups of 5. Each bunch is called a pistachio ounce bun. The lower the number of pistachios, the greater the value of pistachios. For example, pistachio with ounce 22 is larger than pistachio with ounce 26. Usually, Akbari and Kalleghouchi pistachios are low in fat due to their large size. Fandoghi pistachios and Ahmad Aghaei have a high taste due to their small size. It should be noted that the number of pistachio ounce is more important in general sales. In retail sales, pistachio is more than enough, and the number of people is not high.

Calculate pistachio ounce of closed mouth pistachio

To measure the pistachio ounce of a closed mouth, a 142 gram weight is first placed on a scales. Then pistachios are poured on the other floor to balance the two floors. The pistachios are then divided into 5 groups. Each category is called a closed mouth pistachios ounce.

Figure3-pistachios ounce

Calculate of pistachio ounce for closed mouth pistachio

100 grams of pistachios break the closed mouth and separate the brain. Then the brain weighs it. The value of the number shown indicates the quality and quantity of the closed pistachio. If the mouth is extracted from 100 grams of pistachio depending on the amount of 50 grams, the quality of the mouth pistachio is acceptable. For example, we put 142 grams of closed mouth pistachios on the scales. After classifying 28 groups of 5, two seeds remain alone. So the price of this pistachio is 28 and two grains. Then break 100 grams of this pistachio, which is 51 grams of brain. As a result, it is said that the closed mouth of pistachios ounce is 28 and two grains and 51 grams.

See pistachios next to pistachio ounce

The beauty and good color of pistachios, which is called pistachio vision, is another important factor in determining the quality of pistachios. This factor is of interest to many domestic and foreign buyers. It should be noted that pistachio in Kerman province ranks first in this field nationally and globally.

Determination of pistachios ounce or an ounce

We randomly separate 142 grams of the product and weigh it accurately. We count these 142 grams of pistachios into groups of five. Finally, we count the number of these categories. For example, there are 24 categories that determine the pistachio ounce. The amount of sample available may be less than 142 grams. In this case, the simplest way is to use proportionality. In this case, the load is determined to some extent. However, to determine of pistachios ounce accurately, different parts of the ounce load must be taken.

Figure4-pistachios ounce

Important factors in determining pistachio ounce

There are several important factors in calculating pistachios ounce. For example, the type and observation of pistachios has a great effect on determining its susceptibility. In our country, we have a variety of pistachios, including Kalleghouchi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Fandoghi. Each of these names represents specific characteristics. In more general terms, a process is a process that means coarse and large. If you also want to identify pistachio ounce, you should use scales and weights as in the above method and follow the above method.

Pistachio ounce according to its types

  • Ahmad Aghaei pistachio usually starts from ounce 24-22, which is usually rare.
  • Akbari pistachio starts from 20-22 ounces, the lower ounces are hand-picked and have a higher price.
  • Because Fandoghi pistachio is smaller, it ounce is 30-28.
  • Pistachio also has 22-20 ounces.

Rating of pistachio ounce in Iran

  • Ounce between 18 and 20: Very large
  • Ounce between 20 and 22: Large
  • Ounce between 22 and 26: Medium
  • Ounce between 26 and 28: fine
  • Ounce between 28 and 34: Very small

Pistachio ounce according to its appearance

It is also important to determine the pistachios ounce, shape of the kernel, which indicates its quality. We can use another method to determine the ounce through the shape and form. This is how we brainwash 100 grams of pistachios and weigh the brain. The number obtained indicates the amount of pistachios ounce. It is good to know that the best type of ounce in Kerman has the best quality. In fact, Kerman pistachio is the best type of pistachio in the world that has a beautiful appearance that attracts everyone.

Figure5-pistachios ounce

Expertise in determining pistachios ounce

Computing ounce is a specialized job. Most people only know its name or are not ounces with this type of dried fruit. For small buyers, it is not important to get an ounce. For example, if you are going to eventually buy 100 grams of this type of dried fruit, it is not a question of getting an ounce and receiving it from the seller. However, realizing the ounce and getting it from the seller is important for major buyers.

Wholesale price of the best pistachios based on pistachios ounce

This year, approaching the autumn season as a fresh product with a wholesale price, Akbari pistachio 20 is the best option for the market of ounce nuts products. From the end of the summer season in September to the autumn season, every year we face a suitable boom in the Iranian pistachio market. The good variety of pistachios from Fandoghi pistachios, Kalleghouchi pistachios, Ahmad Aghaei and Akbari is harvested according to the appropriate time. Finally, they go to the ounce and dried fruit market. In the pistachio market of Iran, we face many customers who are looking for large and luxurious pistachios when shopping. In the meantime, Akbari pistachio is offered with 18, 20, 22-20 and 2 pistachio ounce. Kalleghouchi pistachios are very popular with large people, and customers are looking for a fresh and long lasting load of large pistachio ounce. Sales prices are very important in this example. Due to the percentage of closed mouth and open mouth of pistachio, we will be able to see the pistachio and the price of different sales. Wholesalers are trading in a volatile market. The pistachio market is experiencing sharp price fluctuations.

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