The domestic wholesale of Kalleghouchi pistachios is Tochin, which also has special specifications and features. pistachio has both high domestic sales and high foreign sales, but each of them must have its own characteristics. Domestic wholesale of pistachio heads is related to pickled or handpicked, which is for the preparation and production of nuts

Wholesale sales of Kalleghouchi pistachio

The domestic wholesale of Kalleghouchi pistachios is Tochin, which also has special specifications and features. pistachio has both high domestic sales and high foreign sales, but each of them must have its own characteristics. Domestic wholesale of is related to pickled or handpicked, which is for the preparation and production of nuts. The wholesale sale of Akbari pistachio and Tochin Kalleghouchi is done at different prices. These two types of pistachios are less common because they have larger grains than other types of pistachios produced in Iran. In the definition of pistachio nut, it should be said that pistachio producers and sellers weigh 142 grams of any type of peanut. After the weight is determined, the seeds are counted and the resulting number is divided by 5. The number obtained by dividing is the sign of pistachio anise, which is less common for larger grains. The lower the pistachio flavor, the higher the quality and the higher the price

First class Akbari pistachio price

You can ask the real sellers for the first class Akbari pistachio price, which can be ordered in nuts or in bulk. Of course, this type of pistachio can also be purchased directly from the gardens. In fact, if your purchase is direct, it will be more economical for you to pay. Akbari pistachios are offered fresh and dried. This type of product is one of the important types of exported peanuts. Akbari pistachio produced in Iran is a kind of quality stack that is in the field of global pistachio trade. It is noteworthy that pistachio products are produced annually in the country in the amount of 200,000 tons. 90% of it is exported. Domestic consumption of pistachios is 10% of the total peanuts produced per year


Major sellers of Akbari pistachios in the country

pistachio is a product that is very popular among us Iranians and other people living in different parts of the world. Akbari peanut, which is a type of first class peanut, is sold in the country at a relatively higher price. If you are a small seller of peanuts, you can buy the major Akbari pistachios, which are much more suitable in terms of size and quality, from the major sellers of pistachios. Only major producers of this quality pistachio can be found in Anar and Rafsanjan. Of course, all over the country, pistachio wholesalers sell different types of peanuts at wholesale prices

Differences between Akbari pistachio and other pistachios

The production of different pistachios takes place in Iran, which undoubtedly are different from each other. The best type of pistachio produced in the country is Akbari peanut. One of the characteristics of Akbari peanuts is that its seeds have a larger brain than other peanuts. It has a long grain and is very suitable in terms of taste and color, which is of interest to the customer. Its price is also higher due to its quality. It should be noted that the largest and perhaps the only producer of Akbari pistachios is Iran. In addition to producing this product, Iran is also known as its largest exporter in the world. Usually, most orders for peanuts are made by buying peanuts with the skin. Because it has a better price than selling pistachio kernels. In Rafsanjan pistachio Company, different samples of pistachios and pistachio kernels are produced in different packages

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High quality Akbari pistachio detection guide

Now that you are familiar with the best type of pistachio in Iran, it is necessary to learn how to identify this high quality pistachio. So far, we have all referred to the nuts sellers and bought all kinds of pistachio in different raw and salted varieties and saffron. To know what kind of pistachio you want to buy, you must first pay attention to its size and shape. Among the pistachios, you should choose pistachio that are larger in size and have larger grains. These types of pistachio, which have a higher price, are offered with quality and fresh. They taste very tasty.

The best price for Akbari pistachios

Akbari pistachios, which are usually bought for parliamentary nuts, are offered to regular customers at the best prices. Today’s pistachio prices may be affected by a number of factors. The increase in the cost of producing quality pistachios has led to higher prices than last year. Estimating the cost of Akbari pistachio has proved that in the market, the daily price of this type of with an ounce of 20 to 22 is ‌ 150, 0000 R. Akbari is the most expensive pistachio in Iran. While the daily price of peanuts is estimated at 145, 0000 R. Quality peanuts are uniform and sorted. To buy Akbari pistachio with the best price of the day and very high quality, you can try to buy Akbari pistachio online from active and reputable sites that offer a variety of pistachio.

Cheap Akbari pistachio suppliers in the country

Since Akbari pistachios have different flavors, different prices may be set for each type. Akbari pistachio suppliers are trying to sell this type of pistachio at higher prices at cheaper prices throughout the country. If you are a buyer of pistachio and you want to buy quality pistachios at a reasonable price, buy Akbari pistachio from suppliers at a high price. Major pistachio suppliers set the price of high quality pistachios much cheaper than brokers. Akbari pistachio is sold by suppliers in quality grade one and two, and Akbari second grade pistachio is definitely cheaper. pistachio suppliers operating throughout the country, in addition to the price of Akbari pistachios, also announce the price of ahmad aghaie mouthwatering pistachio to customers. Because people have different tastes when buying pistachio.

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What kind of pistachio is more suitable for export?

pistachios are a rich source of potassium. Economically, pistachio products have a very high value. The variety of peanuts in the country may make customers hesitant to buy. But we need to know what kind of pistachio is more suitable for export. pistachios that are suitable for export should have the following characteristics:

  • Produced naturally
  • Free of any odor and bitter taste
  • Being fresh
  • Has a national standard
  • Having a large and suitable size

pistachio production in large and small sizes

In Iran, pistachios are produced in different sizes, large and small. Each type of pistachioi s sold according to the market price. Small and large pistachio sizes vary in price. When buying peanuts, you must pay attention to the fact that some peanuts are uniform and some of them are produced from large and small peanuts. Uniform pistachios are of better quality. pistachios made from a mixture of large and small peanuts are cheaper. There are several factors that cause peanuts to come in different sizes. Some of these factors include:

  • Temperature changes during flowering
  • Inadequate fertilization
  • Lack of pistachiot ree care
  • Blight
  • Improper pollination

Small pistachios in our country are of type 2. These types of pistachios have a lower price.

Buy the cheapest Akbari pistachios

One of the cheap ways to buy Akbari peanuts is to communicate directly with the pistachio gardener. The purchase price of peanuts from the gardener is undoubtedly cheaper than elsewhere. Akbari peanuts can be purchased by buying salty and raw pistachios from its seller. This type of pistachio is distributed throughout Iran and is exported to different countries. Among the products produced with Akbari pistachios, we can mention pistachio kernels, pistachio powder and pistachio slices. Due to the fact that the price of pistachios has risen for some reason these days, probably the cheapest type of pistachio is related to type 2 of any type of peanut.

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Akbari pistachio sellers

What could be the reason why pistachio sellers across the country offer different types of Akbari peanuts? As mentioned, Akbari pistachio is better than other pistachios and that is why there are more applicants to buy this type of peanut. Therefore, pistachio sellers sell this type of first class pistachio at exceptional prices throughout the country for the welfare of customers. pistachio is very nutritious and due to its many properties in the world, it has a special place among people. pistachio sellers wholesale Akbari pistachios in bulk packaging. The best Akbari peanuts offered by these sellers can be purchased as the best nut peanuts. Akbari pistachios from Rafsanjan and Anar cities are distributed directly to other cities in Iran.

First class Akbari pistachio distribution agency

In pistachio distribution agencies, the variety of pistachios can be significantly observed. Wholesale sales of Damghan peanuts are done in these agencies. If you want to start a pistachio business, you need to learn how to buy and sell peanuts from other traders. One of the best Iranian pistachios is the first class Akbari peanut, which is distributed throughout the country by its distribution agency. All peanuts sold in nuts stores across the country are supplied through distribution agencies. The latest type of Akbari pistachio can be obtained from these agencies. It is noteworthy that pistachios are mainly bought and sold in agencies. If first class Akbari pistachios are purchased in bulk, they will have a better price. But the packaged peanuts offered by the distribution agencies are quite uniform and of good quality. In Akbari pistachio distribution agency, you can make your major purchases at the lowest price.

Various Akbari pistachio packages

The buyer of pistachio kernels, in order to pay a reasonable price to buy pistachio kernels, procures them directly from pistachio packing factories. One of the best types of peanuts whose kernels are packaged in factories is Akbari peanut. pistachios are usually offered in a variety of packages, each with a different volume. The types of pistachio packages can be introduced as follows:

  • 45 grams
  • 100 grams
  • 150 grams
  • 450 grams
  • 1000 grams

You can see this type of pistachio in different brands in the market. Akbari pistachios are sold by various brands in stylish, attractive and hygieni 

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Advantage of using special discounts Akbari pistachio

The advantage of buying Akbari pistachios online is that you can take advantage of its special discounts. Make a bulk purchase of Akbari pistachio with a percentage discount. The price of peanuts in Mashhad and other cities is determined by its type and quality. Among the bestselling pistachios in Iran, we can name the Akbari type. Akbari peanuts seller also offers discounts for its wholesale sales. People who want to buy Akbari pistachio in bulk can benefit from its bulk sale. These discounts are only for a short period of time. pistachios that are offered at special discounts are very healthy and fresh.

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