Raw pistachio are pistachio that have little time to harvest from the tree and have green skin. Also, no drying operations have been performed on it. These types have their own customers and buyers. Today, raw pistachio are abundantly traded in the Rafsanjan and central regions of the country, and some of the goals of this trade are to export to other European and Asian countries.

Major distribution centers of raw pistachio

Raw pistachio are pistachio that have little time to harvest from the tree and have green skin. Also, no drying operations have been performed on it. These types have their own customers and buyers. Today, raw product are abundantly traded in the Rafsanjan and central regions of the country, and some of the goals of this trade are to export to other European and Asian countries. The main distribution centers of raw in Iran are online agencies that have direct contact with domestic producers. Therefore, in order to buy in bulk, communication with these centers is the right thing to do.

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Buy raw pistachio online

Today is agencies are among the oldest and most reputable agencies in the field of buying and selling in the country. Therefore, you can contact the experts in this field to buy raw product online. Raw product are rich in many properties that are good for human health. Some of the properties and benefits are:

  • Stomach booster
  • Increase brain intelligence and efficiency
  • Open the liver ducts
  • Nerve relaxant
  • Relieve cough pain
  • Sexual enhancer
  • Weight manager
  • Improving digestion
  • Helps absorb iron
  • Diabetes control
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Strengthen and grow hair
  • Hair loss treatment

Pistachio seller in the country

Daily consumption of nuts, especially pistachio, has a great effect on increasing height and reducing hair loss. Many of us are unaware of the daily consumption of nuts. But if we are aware of the unique properties of these foods, we will definitely increase the consumption of nuts and dried fruits. Iran is one of the top and largest countries in the region in terms of pistachio sales and exports. The product seller in the country has a direct relationship with dried fruit producers. Therefore, buyers of nuts and dried fruits, including pistachios, can contact these agencies and sellers in raw form.

Major purchase of kernels mechanical Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

Due to its reasonable price, kernel of mechanical Ahmad Aghaei can be purchased in bulk and retail for various domestic uses or for trade and export. Offering a lower price than a product on the market is one of the factors that attracts customers and is one of the principles of business. This is especially important for products such as pistachio, which currently have strong competitors such as the United States in the global market. Mechanized and planned production of American pistachios and the advancement of various stages from planting to packaging and export in principle, have caused Iranian pistachios to gradually lose their competitiveness in the global market. The recent droughts, along with the inefficiency of traditional production, have come together to threaten the production and export of Iranian pistachios.

Kernel of Mechanical Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is a great option for sale

Therefore, in order for the Iranian pistachio export and trade pulse to continue to some extent, we must turn to offering products at a lower price. For example, in the kernels of export product, which account for a significant part of Iranian export pistachio every year, kernel of Mechanical Ahmad Aghaei can be used. Mechanical pistachio have lower cost prices compared to natural smiling because they are smoked in a machine and unnatural way. Therefore, the nuts obtained from these will be relatively more suitable. This is especially important for Ahmad Aghaei, which is one of the best and most expensive nuts and export pistachios in Iran. Therefore, kernel of Ahmad Aghaei is mechanical is offered with more reasonable price conditions. Of course, Fandoghi kernels are also reasonably priced. So the two are the best options for global exports and trade. In the end, it should be noted that there are always quality oriented markets for which price is the next priority. Therefore, options such as Akbari, Kalleghouchi, or even organic pistachios are ideal.

Buy cheap kernels of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

The bulk purchase of cheap kernels of Ahmad Aghaei is usually for countries like India. The country is looking for low priced, high quality goods. In many articles, it is mentioned that kernel is one of the most important and basic export products of the country. It has a wide variety of inexpensive to expensive models. The Ahmad Aghaei is also one of the brain samples that has seen many major buyers in recent years. But one of the main buyers of this kernel is India. The Indians are strangely interested in Ahmad Aghaei in Iran. They are trying to buy Iranian pistachios, whether in the form of nuts or smiling ones. One of the most important issues in this regard is the bulk purchase of kernels by Indian traders in this way. The trader is looking to buy the best product at a cheap price and sometimes succeeds. But how? How is it possible for Iranian businessmen to sell their kernels of Ahmad Aghaei at a cheap price? There are ways to sell kernel of Ahmad Aghaei at a low price.

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Major Fandoghi pistachio Shopping Center

High quality Fandoghi is a very good product for export sales. This product is offered by sales centers in Rafsanjan, Bardaskan and Faizabad. The most important export product in Iran is the high quality Fandoghi. As mentioned in many articles, this pistachio has many advantages for export. The most important of these are:

  • Reasonable and low price compared to other types
  • This product is known in the global and domestic market
  • Good appearance
  • Suitable for packaging
  • Variety in size
  • Good frequency nationwide

You may be asked a question. Is Fandoghi suitable for domestic sale while exporting? Yes … Fandoghi can be used in the export sector for domestic sales and supply in global markets.

How to buy high Fandoghi pistachio

To buy Fandoghi from product shopping center, you can contact only one of the shopping departments to get the best products in bulk for yourself. Different collections supply pistachios according to different orders. For example, if you request pistachio for countries such as China, Hong Kong, etc., these collections can provide the product at a reasonable price. On the other hand, for customers from Japan who want to buy Fandoghi without toxins, the desired product can be provided. It is interesting to know that product shopping malls provide customers with the opportunity to pack it. If you need to buy Fandoghi, you can inquire about these collections.

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Major purchase kernel of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio export

The kernel Ahmad Aghaei is one of the best examples of export kernels in the country, the bulk purchase of which is done by Turkish and European traders. They believe that after Cal’s brain, this type is the greenest product in Iran. Ahmad Aghaei is known as a popular commodity among many consumers. The pistachio kernel has also attracted the attention of many traders because it is a completely green product with good quality. The kernel of Ahmad Aghaei has several different types.

  • Normal pistachio kernel:

The common kernel of Ahmad Aghaei, which is the most routine type of market product, can be found in all cities of the country. The brains are used for export to different countries. This pistachio kernel has red and beautiful flowers in green color, which are of very high quality. It is interesting to know that flowered of kernel Ahmad Aghaei is very suitable for export to India. If you are exporting pistachio to India, be sure to recommend this nut to your customers.

  • Call pistachio kernels:

Although this pistachio kernel is less in the country, it is still enough to invest in its export. At present, the export kernels in the form of skins and skins is done by different businesses.

Buy first class of Ahmad Aghaei pistachio

To buy this type of kernel, you can refer to dried fruit trades. They offer you the best products at the best price. Currently, the best collections are active in the field of export, which are active in supplying and processing products such as pistachio kernels.

پسته احمد آقایی استاندارد 1 کیلوگرم - ایران پسته| پسته رفسنجان ...


Major shopping of Akbari and Kalleghouchi pistachio for Business

Major shopping of Akbari and Kalleghouchi in the form of hand crease and smiling, to trade with the global market must have the appropriate and desirable criteria with the necessary certificates for export. The bulk purchase for special export of world trade should be commensurate with the global market standard. This means that in accordance with each market, the necessary certificates and standards for the export to that market must be done. Some countries pay special and strict attention to these export standards and standards when buying bulk pistachios. It is more difficult to export and it is easier to export to some countries.

Buy Wholesale Hand crease pistachio for Business

Samples of Akbari hand crease and smiling Kalleghouchi, especially for export to the world trade market, are made with different customers in different markets. There are some countries that prefer luxury samples in Iranian pistachios. Some exporting countries are also looking for cheaper samples when buying bulk pistachio. Fortunately, with the good production that exists in the field, this possibility has been easily made possible. Different customers can be held accountable for bulk purchase. Akbari and Kalleghouchi samples are hand crease and are mainly suitable for different customers and luxury markets with a stylish and large appearance. In terms of appearance and taste, we are faced with unique examples of these product in the best regions of Iran. Hand crease product allows us to have good markets for this product with a smiling and good appearance and taste. Arab countries can be the best option for Iran is luxury export pistachio. Based on this, we can have a special business with these countries.

Buy Akbari pistachio online for wholesale celebrations

Buying product online for bulk can be more economical for celebratory nuts than it is for the market. Therefore, stores use a variety of Akbari and raisins as a special offer. With the arrival of Nowruz, the people of Iran are making a special effort to prepare consumer items for their feast night. The most important of these items are nuts. But unfortunately, due to the frauds that take place in the Iranian pistachio market, many customers who come to the market to buy pistachio have concerns about providing a first class product. Therefore, reputable businesses decided to offer their best products online. The idea has been on the minds of retailers ever since the Internet grew. So as cyberspace gets bigger and more usable, more users come to the Internet to shop.


Online shopping for first class Akbari pistachio

Of course, to have a successful sale, you have to offer the best products to your customers. Among all types produced in Iran, perhaps the first class Akbari and the type’s heads can be considered as special offers. Businesses provide bulk online shopping for pistachio to their customers. Dear customers, you can contact them to receive the best special products for feast night. It is interesting to know that the articles that are published on different sites in relation to various issues such as export pistachio stages, pistachio purchase, etc., are based on the operational experience of this collection and are very useful.

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