Iran is one of the largest pistachio producing countries in the world. pistachio export is one of the most valuable agricultural products in Iran. pistachio and date exports to other countries in Iran have a long history. In a way, it is one of the traditional trades of Iran. In recent years, with the entry of the United States into the pistachio export port market, there has been intense competition between Iran and the United States over this lucrative trade.

Iran pistachio export

Iran is one of the largest pistachio producing countries in the world. pistachio export is one of the most valuable agricultural products in Iran. pistachio and date exports to other countries in Iran have a long history. In a way, it is one of the traditional trades of Iran. In recent years, with the entry of the United States into the pistachio export port market, there has been intense competition between Iran and the United States over this lucrative trade. With the development of its pistachio farms in the state of California and with the help of Iranians living in the United States, the United States has been able to increase its production to the level of Iran and beyond. On average, Iran is pistachio export are worth $ 1.2 billion annually. Due to the conditions of cultivation and sanctions, Iran has been facing an increase or decrease. The third rival of Iran and the United States in recent years has been Turkey. Of course, pistachio production in Turkey is very small compared to these two countries. Depending on the country of destination and the terms and conditions of pistachio export to that country and the standards required for the import of dried fruits at the destination customs that is desired by the customer, in some cases, especially all EU countries need certificates from reputable laboratories of the Standards Office. Be obtained. For certain cases, approvals must be obtained from the Food and Drug Administration, which must be made before customs clearance.

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Figure1- pistachio export

Preparation and supply of first class pistachios for pistachio export

You can use online markets to contact the direct sellers of pistachios and find out the latest prices in the pistachio market. With the network of suppliers and sellers present in the online markets, you can inquire about the best price suppliers at any time of the day or night. Or by registering a purchase request from many sellers, you can get the price at the same time and find the best price in the market.

Iran pistachio export rate

Over the years, Iran pistachio export have been as follows:

Figure2- pistachio export

Iran pistachio export

The dollar exchange rate of Iranian pistachio export during different years is as follows:

Figure3- pistachios export

How to pistachio export

In order to start the pistachio export process, the customer is needs must be considered, which may vary depending on the destination country, the type of pistachio quality. European countries are usually strict in this regard, and the best quality pistachio export to these countries. In contrast, less developed and middle income countries have higher market qualities. After selecting the quality type of pistachio export type with the standards mentioned by the customer, according to the required standards of the customs of the sending country and the receiving country. For example, many standards are for food quality testing. For example, food standards in Germany are very strict on aflatoxin values, so only pistachios with very low levels of bulk toxin poison. The country will find its way.

According to the laws and regulations of the target country, the import of food and standards for the import of nuts and foodstuffs to the destination customs, which is necessary in all EU countries. It allows food health certificates and compliance with authorized limits to be obtained from reputable standardized laboratory. For some special cases of food or medicine, approvals are obtained from the Food and Drug Administration. It is mandatory to obtain permits and approvals from customs before proceeding with these steps. Getting a health certificate for pistachio export and its products is a time consuming process in terms of contamination with aflatoxin toxins, which should be well taken into account in the pistachio export schedule to prevent possible losses.

pistachio export method

Following the above steps is a requirement for pistachio export. After preparing and supplying your cargo, suitable packages must be provided for its transportation. All company information and cargo information should be included on the packaging. Most of the time, pistachios are exported in bulk, in which case you can hack the information on a sack or by labeling. One of the easiest ways to go through the customs process is to use the customs capacity of the cargo area. For pistachio export, Kerman province customs can be used to go through the declaration process and standards, etc. In this process, in order to obtain the necessary licenses, the customs and the standard office of exporters are required to obtain the health certificates of the product and the amount of aflatoxin available. Of course, if the pistachio export is in the form of complete packaging of the company and has the health licenses of the packaging company, they do not need to be re approved, and this method is specific to the bulk pistachio export. In order to obtain standard and hygienic approval, the existing load is first sampled and referred to a food and standard laboratory to obtain a plant health certificate. In all of the above steps, you can also use the help and advice of companies and people in clearance to get through these steps quickly.

پسته در داخل کشور، ۲ برابر نرخ صادراتی آن به فروش می‌رسد - خبرآنلاین

Figure4- pistachios export

pistachio export stages

After going through all the above steps and obtaining the necessary licenses and standards, it is time to become a bill of lading for pistachio export. Despite the large number of companies active in the field of international transportation in Iran, this step is not very difficult and you can easily find a reputable company in this field. After finding a reputable company, check all the steps. First, carefully inspect the container in which the pistachio export is to be placed. If possible, disinfect insects and possible fungi. Especially if the load must be carried on the sea. In this case, high humidity can affect the load. For nuts such as dried figs, due to the high sensitivity of this material, refrigerated containers should be used so that they are not damaged during transport.

It is very common in the pistachio export and other dried fruits and in the tradition of international trade that they submit the final settlement to the international shipping company by submitting a delivery note with the buyer is details to the International Cargo Company. And they send the bill of lading and other documents along with the bill to the buyer for final clearance. After the cargo arrives at the destination of the buyer, with this bill of lading and other documents, including standards, etc., he proceeds to clear his cargo from the customs of the destination country. A business bill of lading is also used to obtain a certificate of origin from the Chamber of Commerce. After the issuance of this certificate, the origin will be sent to the final buyer with other documents so that the pistachio export will go through its final stages.

Request and obtain pistachio health certificate for pistachio export

The standard office in the country is customs requires dried fruit exporting companies, especially pistachio export, to apply for a standard certificate if they pistachio export. Of course, if the bulk cargo is without a brand or the exported brand has not been registered before and has not been standardized. In order to receive the standard from the sampled cargo, it must receive the necessary approvals, and after that, the health certificate of the plants, which is also required in the target country for the clearance of cargo, must be received.

درهای بسته صادرات پسته - همشهری آنلاین

Figure5- pistachios export

The most important types of pistachios export in Iran

  • Fandoghi pistachio

This type of pistachio is smaller than other cultivars and is smaller in size than hazelnuts. Fandoghi pistachio is considered due to its small size and more units per unit weight, and has the highest amount of pistachio export among its similar products. This pistachio is available in sizes 26-28, 28-30, 30-32.

  • Ahmad Aghaeipistachio

This type of pistachio is larger than Fandoghi and has our best taste among other pistachios. For this reason, it is one of the popular pistachios for pistachio export, which is widely consumed in East Asian countries. This pistachio is available in sizes 22-24, 24-26.

  • Akbari pistachio

This type of pistachio has more elongated seeds compared to Ahmad Aghaeispecies, which has caused a higher price. In a way, it has been called the most expensive pistachio in Iran is pistachio export. This pistachio is available in sizes 20-22, 22-24.

  • Kalleghouchi pistachio
    This type of pistachio is large and round in size and has its own unique taste. These pistachios are available in sizes 18-20, 20-22, 22-24, 24-26.
  • Badami pistachio

This type of pistachio is similar to Ahmad Aghaeiand its brain is similar to almonds. These pistachios are available in sizes 24-26, 26-28, 28-30.

Green pistachio kernels in pistachios export

This sample is used in the food industry for flavoring and in ice cream and desserts.

Figure6- pistachios export

Qualitative rating of pistachios export

  • AAA grade: 95% open mouth + 5% closed mouth
  • AA grade: 90% open mouth + 10% closed mouth
  • Grade A: 85% open mouth + 15% closed mouth
  • Grade C: 70% open mouth + 30% closed mouth

pistachio History – pistachios export

Research has shown that pistachio originated in northeastern Iran and that people have been cultivating pistachios in the region for 5,000 years. pistachios belong to the Ancardiaceae family, which usually grows up to 8 meters. pistachio tree is resistant to different degrees of air and the best temperature for its cultivation is between 25 and 45 degrees Celsius. pistachio tree, like palm tree, is resistant to water stress and water shortage, and its roots grow to the depths of the earth. Depending on the species, the pistachio tree enters the fruiting period after 7 to 10 years after planting and lives for 80 to 100 years.

Type of carton Suck packing carton packing
Container 20 feet 14 tons 12 tons
Container 40 feet 24 tons 20 tons

Transportation in pistachios export

Supply of pistachios and its processing according to the order of pistachios export

Before the product enters the pistachio export process and is in its stages, all the conditions of the buyer and the customs for the target country must be examined. In order to provide the best type of pistachio for pistachio export with the standards considered by the customer and required by the sender and recipient customs. For example, some of these standards are related to health. For example, Germany needs pistachios with very low aflatoxins, and such products must be purchased and processed. Or provide packaging standards that are more in line with customer demand.

صادرات پسته ی ایران و بهترین روش صادرات آن چیست؟ - آراد برندینگ

Figure7- pistachios export

Packing pistachios and labeling in pistachios export

After the product is delivered and the bulk of the pistachio packages are identified, labels are often affixed to the packages, which include the information of the exporting company, the importing company, the product specifications, and… as desired by the parties to the transaction. In the pistachio export, it is possible to avoid entering this information and labeling it, and it is almost personal, except in special cases such as the export of packaged dried fruits, which is different.

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