expensive pistachios : Iran is a country rich in divine blessings. Oil, copper, iron, and on the one hand, and pistachio reserves, of which we consume perhaps a few grains each day with pleasure, on the other hand, show Iran’s resources. Until a few years ago, in the pistachio and dried fruit market, Iran ranked first in exporting and supplying the world market.

Rafsanjan pistachio

Iran is a country rich in divine blessings. Oil, copper, iron, and on the one hand, and pistachio reserves, of which we consume perhaps a few grains each day with pleasure, on the other hand, show Iran’s resources. Until a few years ago, in the pistachio and dried fruit market, Iran ranked first in exporting and supplying the world market. Pistachio exports had made a huge profit in Iran. But for various reasons, it is currently ranked lower in peanut exports.

Geographical location of Rafsanjan city-producer of pistachio

Rafsanjan is located in the north of the largest province of the country, Kerman, and is the third most populous city in Kerman. Rafsanjan has had different names, often because of its underground reserves. Rafsanjan has the world’s largest open pit mine, Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine, known as the Turquoise Eye. But perhaps the only thing that has put the name of Rafsanjan or Kerman on the tongues of the world is Rafsanjan peanut. Of course, other countries in the world, such as the United States and Turkey, also produce and export pistachios. But in the global market, Iran and the United States have taken over the peanut market and are contributing more to pistachio production. In the United States, most peanuts are produced in the state of California and in Iran in the city of Rafsanjan. It is currently the largest producer in the United States and second in Iran and Turkey.

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The reason for American progress in the pistachio industry

Pistachios in Iran are thousands of years old and pistachios have been planted in Iran since ancient times. But in the United States, peanut cultivation began about 89 years ago in the 1930s with the planting of Iranian peanut seeds and seeds. In recent years, even countries that have been willing to buy Iranian pistachios have not been able to buy pistachios due to sanctions and restrictions. This had a great impact on the Iranian peanut market. Rising demand for peanuts from China and rising peanut prices have also increased demand for American pistachios. But another reason for the development of American peanuts is the 242% tariff that the United States has set for imported peanuts. And it is not possible to export peanuts to the United States, and an active peanut market will be eliminated for Iran.

Rafsanjan pistachio features

In Iran, pistachios are planted in different regions. Among them, we can mention Damghan, Kerman, Khorasan and Damghan, which is the best type of pistachio in Rafsanjan. But you may ask why the best type of peanut to buy and eat is Rafsanjan pistachio? The best way to diagnose or perhaps the easiest way is to eat and taste peanuts. Nuts that have an unusual taste, which are either too salty or tasteless or sour, are not a good choice to eat. In fact, Rafsanjan peanut is the first in terms of taste, flavor and freshness. Another feature of this peanut is its shape and appearance. This means that Rafsanjan peanuts have a unique shape from all similar samples and are not similar to pistachios grown in California and the United States. Another feature of a good peanut is the amount of fat in it. This means that the higher the fat content of the peanut, the tastier the peanut. Rafsanjan pistachio has a good level of fat, which makes its taste unique. Another factor is the difference between Rafsanjan pistachio and the distance between peanut planting from the sea level and the warm and suitable peanut climate. Peanuts have a different taste in any climate. Also, the percentage of peanut moisture creates a delicious taste in peanuts.

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The effects of Rafsanjan is climate on pistachio flavor

According to statistics, Rafsanjan has a dry and desert climate and the amount of rainfall in Rafsanjan, like most desert and central regions of Iran. In summer, it has a hot and dry climate. Rafsanjan and Kerman province have a dry climate due to its proximity to the desert. These climatic features mentioned in the text above have created a strong and different taste of peanut in Iran and Rafsanjan. In fact, pistachios like the climate and the dry, humid climate. In general, if the peanut wants to grow well and taste well, it should be in an area that has a hot and dry summer and a mild and mild winter. Perhaps the incredible increase in peanut prices this year has surprised you. And ask why this happened. The reason for this increase was the decrease in the supply of pistachios in the market and the increase in people is demand. The reason for the decrease in the supply of peanuts in the winter market was the severe cold that occurred in Rafsanjan. And it caused the peanut buds to disappear, and in practice the amount of production was greatly reduced. Geographical location also has a great effect on peanut flavor. It is interesting to know that peanuts that are produced in the cities of Damghan or Khorasan have a different taste with Rafsanjan pistachios.

Benefits of Rafsanjan pistachio

Pistachios not only give you a delicious taste and aroma, but also refresh your body. Fresh peanuts from the peanut garden include a variety of protein and vitamins needed by the body. Peanut kernels contain a large amount of absorbable iron in the body compared to other nuts and nuts. Peanut kernels also increase sexual potency and concentration.

Countries producing pistachio

If we want to classify peanut producing countries in terms of production, the United States is in the first place, Iran is in the second place, and Turkey is in the third place. In the not so distant past, Iran ranked first. Peanut is one of the dried fruits in the global market that few countries can produce.

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Pistachio production in United States

Pistachios are not as old as other products on the world market. So the global market is not yet saturated and thirsty for peanuts. The United States, which has been consuming Iranian peanuts for the past 80 years. The United States was created during the Iranian Revolution and the political currents, and the preparation of industrial infrastructure for peanut production in California was able to win the peanut market.

Pistachio production in Turkey

It is true that peanut production in Turkey is lower than in Iran and is the third largest exporter of peanuts, but it has been able to import 215 million dollar worth of foreign currency only by exporting peanuts, which are good quality and tasty pistachios. Turkey intends to snatch the competition from Iran and the United States by significantly increasing its peanut orchards under the project. And become the largest peanut producer in the world.

Pistachio orchards in Bronte and Montana, Sicily, Italy

You may ask, where is the most expensive peanut in the world? The peanut tree, originally from the Middle East, was first planted by the Moore family between the 9th and 11th centuries in the Sicilian region of Italy. It may not seem plausible at first glance, but police officers in this part of Italy are involved in protecting the annual peanut harvest process. Cecil is home to some of the world’s most valuable seeds and grains, and is one of Europe’s best pistachios, harvested from the city of Bronte, Italy.

Sicily pistachios are one percent of the world is pistachio crop

In the center of the city of Bronte, near the slopes of Etna and near an active volcano, peanut trees grow on an area of 3,000 hectares. Although Bronte pistachios make up only one percent of the world’s peanut production, they are arguably the most expensive. In Italy it is usually called green gold, and a kilogram of this grain with fresh skin costs around 15.50 euros or 17.40 dollars. This price is almost twice the price of peanuts produced in the United States and Iran.

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Sicily pistachio trees with the benefit of more than 200 farmers

About 200 licensed farmers are identified during the harvest period to care for peanut trees. Many fans believe that Bronte peanut tastes better than other European pistachios and stays green and fresh for a long time. Despite the profitable nature of these trees at harvest time, officials and farmers have always faced the problem of thieves invading peanut trees.

Italian pistachio protection with police helicopter

The price of Italian pistachios is almost twice the price of peanuts in the world’s two largest producers, the United States and Iran. Italian Sicily police are conducting a precautionary operation to protect their peanuts in the northwestern Italian islands of Sicily. According to reports from the BBC, they have been working since the early hours of the day and will continue their patrols until 12 noon. Helicopters will also be used in the operation, if necessary. Officers and their colleagues are preparing for a special operation in September to protect Sicily is pistachios.

Italian pistachio stay green and fresh for longer

In the dark of night, the thieves attacked the gardens of the area with their cars and took as many pistachios as possible. Peanut trees are harvested every two years and harvested in Sicily in individual years such as 2019. Sicily pistachios are harvested in September. Unfortunately, over the past few years and to this day, thieves have stolen more than 200 kilograms of Bronte pistachio during the harvest process. This prompted the mayor of Bronte to ask the police to cooperate in protecting the peanut orchards. The result of this request was the air protection of peanut orchards with helicopters and the presence of more agents on the ground. The natives of the region deeply accept these services and cope with the conditions, because the harvest is very sensitive for the farmers. Bronte is 2019 pistachios are now slowly forming. Many farmers hope their crops will be larger than 1250 tons two years ago. The amount of peanut product depends exactly on the weather conditions. Industries are trying to increase the export of Sicily pistachios. More than 80 percent of Sicily peanuts are currently exported, with France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and the United States being the largest buyers of Italian pistachios.

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 Application of pistachio in Italian

According to Francesco Di Sano, a British pistachio trader, they have worked hard to increase their exports by participating in six major exhibitions and online marketing. He specifically mentioned the Dubai and Nuremberg trade fairs. It is estimated that Bronte’s green gold revenue will reach around 20 million euros a year. Many domestic companies process Sicily peanuts and export them abroad. Companies usually powder or eat peanuts and sell them as raw materials for cooking and confectionery. Italian peanuts in many Sicily desserts, foods such as some types of pesto spaghetti are eaten. Of course, you should not miss the jelly with Italian pistachios. Bronte also attracts a large number of European tourists to Italy each year by holding a peanut fair.

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