One of the most popular and economical types of pistachios in Iran is hazelnut pistachio, which is often harvested in Kerman or Rafsanjan. This pistachio has a beautiful and round appearance and for this reason it is known as hazelnut. The size of hazelnut pistachio is somewhat smaller than other types of pistachios, but it is larger than hazelnut and has a very good taste. This type of pistachio includes more per kilo and for this reason it is most used in various nuts and has a lot of sales in Iran, especially for Nowruz nights. Of course, hazelnut pistachio is one of the most valuable export pistachios in Iran and more than 80% of Iran’s hazelnut pistachio harvest is exported to other countries annually, and in fact, the largest volume of Iranian pistachio exports belongs to hazelnut pistachio.

Hazelnut pistachio Economical pistachio with small size

Hazelnut pistachio is a popular pistachio in Kerman province, which makes up 55 to 60% of the pistachio orchards in this province. This pistachio has a smaller size than other types of pistachios. Why is this pistachio known as hazelnut pistachio? The small and hazelnut appearance has created the shape of this title for this pistachio. Hazelnut pistachio is mostly produced in Kerman province and in Sirjan and Rafsanjan counties, but this type of pistachio is also found in some different regions of the country. The quality of this pistachio is very famous and popular inside and outside Iran. The distinctive feature of Kerman pistachio is mostly related to the geographical location of this province and the distance and altitude from the sea level, which has made Kerman pistachio have a different taste from other pistachios and has an exemplary reputation. Hazelnut pistachio is the cheapest type of pistachio compared to other pistachios. The reason for its low price compared to other types is its small shape and high volume of production and export. For this reason, this pistachio is the largest export of pistachios from Iran. Hazelnut skin is naturally light cream in color.

Why do European countries favor hazelnut pistachios?

Because it is both small and larger than its size, more pistachios fit in our hands, and most importantly, it has a unique taste. You get more volume than other pistachios to get 1 kg of hazelnut pistachios. It is cheaper than other pistachios. It covers an important part of Iran’s pistachio exports. It has one of the most widely used pistachios in the confectionery industry. Pistachio butter makes fatter and tastier.

Good taste and cost-effectiveness are the reasons for the popularity of confectionery Very tasty kernel, round shape and round pistachio hazelnut make it suitable for decorating all kinds of pistachio sweets. Also, due to being cheaper than pistachios, it is used in sweets such as Muscat, Gaz and hazelnut pistachios in the ice cream industry. The economics of hazelnut pistachios can be attributed to the fineness of its seeds. The small size of hazelnut makes there are 1000 to 1100 pistachio seeds per kilogram, which makes it suitable for home nuts and your parties.

Hazelnut pistachio tree

The hazelnut pistachio tree grows to a height of about three meters and the width of the crown of this tree is about 380 cm, which is the widest among other pistachio trees. Most hazelnut pistachio trees are located in Iran and most of these hazelnut pistachios are harvested in pistachio orchards in Kerman and then Rafsanjan. More than 60% of the volume of pistachios in Kerman province is hazelnut pistachio and is known as the most important type of pistachio in this province. Hazelnut pistachio tree blooms almost in early April and these flowers are closed until mid-April. This type of tree usually flowers in about 10 to 11 days. As the flowers turn into fruit, the pistachio shows up in clusters on its tree. Hazelnut pistachio clusters are about 13 cm high and 11 cm wide. Each cluster weighs about 53 grams and each cluster contains about 20 to 21 pistachios. Hazelnut pistachio is a type of smiling pistachio and the smiling rate of this pistachio is estimated at 73%. About 18% of hazelnut pistachios per mouth are closed, which is a significant amount. Hazelnut pistachios usually arrive in early September and can be harvested.

Properties of hazelnut pistachio

Pistachios have a lot of nutrients depending on the weather conditions and the place of growth, but in general, different types of pistachios have similar characteristics and commonalities that may only be due to the soil in which they are grown or the type of fruit and water care and Air slightly different from these nutrients.

In general, in every 100 grams of hazelnut pistachio, about 15 grams of starch, 2.5 grams of water, 20 grams of protein, 54 grams of fat, 130 mg of calcium, 500 mg of phosphorus, 5.7 mg of iron, 950 mg of potassium, 230 units of vitamins A contains 7 tenths of a milligram of vitamin B1, and 5.1 milligrams of vitamin B3. With these descriptions, it can be said that the consumption of hazelnut pistachio can prevent many cardiovascular diseases and is also very suitable for the relaxation and useful and regular functioning of the heart and nerves. Hazelnut pistachio can reduce negative cholesterol by adding positive blood cholesterol.

The iron in pistachios is useful for people with anemia to be blood-forming, while this type of pistachio is highly recommended for health and sexual potency due to its tonic and unsaturated fatty acids. High phosphorus in pistachios is the best way to strengthen memory and brain. Hazelnut pistachio has a lot of antioxidants that are great for preventing many diseases and also to strengthen the liver by opening the liver ducts. The fiber in hazelnut pistachios can strengthen the body’s digestive system and help digest food. In addition, hazelnut pistachio is used to treat cough, chest pain, diarrhea and dysentery. The best type of hazelnut pistachio is harvested in the gardens of Kerman and Rafastjan, but in Damghan and some other cities of Iran, there are examples of hazelnut pistachio tree and its orchards. In general, hazelnut pistachios can be found in many nuts stores or shops in Iran. But remember that fresh pistachios have retained their useful properties and characteristics, and therefore the consumption of fresh hazelnut pistachios is very important.

Hazelnut pistachios should be collected, transported, stored and packaged in proper conditions to ensure its health. There are many low quality and pest hazelnut pistachios in the market that have not only lost their properties but also their consumption.

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