The first step in starting to export to Iraq is to choose the right pistachio that has a high profit margin and there is no ban on exporting to Iraq. If you also decide to enter the field of export but have not yet selected a suitable product for export, you can use the comprehensive package of export potentials.

Choose the best pistachio for export to Iraq

The first step in starting to export to Iraq is to choose the right pistachio that has a high profit margin and there is no ban on exporting to Iraq. If you also decide to enter the field of export but have not yet selected a suitable product for export, you can use the comprehensive package of export potentials.

Important knowledge for trade with Iraq-pistachio

The most important communication system in Iraq is email. Cash purchase of factory doors in Iran or delivery of customs borders by Iraqi traders and merchants are common and demanded methods in the Iraqi market. It is better to have correspondence and catalogs, etc. in Arabic and secondly in English. More than 3,000 Iraqis enter Iran every day for trade, pilgrimage and tourism, to meet acquaintances, to visit hospitals, and so on, and to make the most of their presence. Imports to Iraq are free and without customs complications. Import tariffs Customs tariffs on essential items such as medicine and foodstuffs to Iraq are zero percent, and industrial machinery and intermediate goods are one percent, and the rest we have is a maximum of five percent. Wholesale and retail of goods is possible in Iraq. If you are planning to trade with Iraq, be sure to have an Arabic speaking employee by your side.

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Conditions for exporting pistachios from Iran to Iraq

The Trade Development Organization of Iran has banned the export of goods to Iraq without installing Latin or Arabic labels. The Iraqi Standards Institution has ordered the shipment of Iranian goods to Iraq, according to which all goods will be exported with two labels, Latin and Arabic. The conditions for Iran’s export to Iraq are to have Latin and Arabic labels on the goods, which, if the export goods do not have the specifications accepted by the Iraqi Customs, will prevent them from entering the country and cause irreparable damage to exporters and producers. Be.

 Iran’s 24 percent share of pistachio exports to Iraq

Iran’s 24 percent share of pistachio exports to Iraq, Iran, is among the top competitors such as China, Turkey, Jordan, India, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Twenty percent of that share went to China, 19 and a half percent to Turkey, and less than 10 percent to the United States. India accounted for 4 percent and Jordan for 2 percent for exports to Iraq, and the rest came from other countries. In total, according to the statistics of the first five months of this year, the volume of Iran’s non-oil exports to target countries in terms of currency is equivalent to $ 18 -billion, of which almost $ 4 -billion to Iraq and the rest to other countries such as China. , Turkey, UAE, Afghanistan, etc. Compared to the same period last year, exports to Iraq increased by 10% in terms of currency and volume value. Approximately 25 percent of Iran’s exports amounted to $ 4.5 -billion to China and 22 percent to Iraq’s $ 4 -billion. 14% of this volume was exported to Turkey, 9% to 4% to the UAE and 5% to Afghanistan. Of the $ 18 -billion in exports in the first five months of this year, $ 13 -billion went to five countries.

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Among the five countries, more than half of Iran’s exports go to Iraq and China, a significant number. During this period, Iran’s exports to Iraq have almost quadrupled its exports to Afghanistan, twice as much as Turkey, and two and three tenths as much as the UAE. Iran’s share of the Iraqi market over the past two years is significant and stable. Major goods exported to Iraq include food products such as paste, sweets, chocolate, pistachios, dairy products, agricultural products, plastic products, steel and construction products, as well as health products. The value of each ton of Iranian goods exported to Iraq in the first five months of this year was 700 dollar, indicating that goods exported to Iraq have a high added value, and this is noteworthy.

We have identified about 800 rows of goods in the form of various groups such as industrial machinery, medicine, sanitary ware, textiles, electrical appliances and livestock products as priority goods for export to Iraq. In addition to non-oil exports, oil exports to Iraq accounted for an average of 38 to 40 million cubic meters of gas and 1,200 megawatts of electricity per day, an increase in Iran’s exports to Iraq.

Increasing the volume of pistachio export cargo from 25 to 60 tons

This year, as the pistachio harvest season begins 20 days later, we will have less opportunity to export this product to China, which needs more pistachios for their country’s New Year. Given that pistachio exports to China will take about 35 days to complete, we only have 4 to 5 weeks to export, which should not be wasted by speeding up and speeding up export processes.

We can mention the production of 220,000 tons of pistachios this year and more than 30,000 tons of pistachios left over from last year in the country’s warehouses. It is requested to increase the volume of export shipments from the current 25 tons to 50 or 60 tons. It is under review. One of the problems for exporters was spending a lot of time measuring the moisture content of pistachios, which was a waste of time and the shipments did not reach Bandar Abbas, which was supposed to be done quickly.

Which countries are the most important buyers of Iranian pistachios?

The most important buyers of pistachios in Iran are Germany with about 3,000 tons per year, valued at approximately 40 million dollar, Iraq with about 2,500 tons with an approximate value of 25 million dollar, Kazakhstan with 1,650 tons with an approximate value of 15 million dollar, the UAE with about 1,500 tons. Approximately 16 million dollar and India, Spain and Russia are the next largest importers of Iranian pistachios.

According to the available statistics, Germany has not only bought the most pistachios in terms of weight and value, but also the most expensive export pistachios in Iran, which is equivalent to 13 dollars and 11 cents per kilogram. After that, Lebanon with 12 dollars and 67 cents, Italy with 11 dollars and 94 cents, Jordan with 11 dollars and 49 cents and the UAE with 10 dollars and 74 cents were the most expensive Iranian pistachios and a country like Spain was almost the cheapest Iranian pistachio. Among the major buyers, it is about seven dollars and 97 cents per kilogram.

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 pistachio export stages

  • pistachio crop supply

Before the start of Iranian pistachio export activity, several studies should be done by traders and accurate information about customers in the destination countries, the type of pistachio desired by these customers, customs conditions of importing countries, food and health standards of the importing country should be obtained. He exported the best pistachios from Iran. For example, some European countries only issue import licenses for pistachios with low aflatoxin.

  • pistachio packaging

After completing the supply stage, it is time to pack it. In the packaging and export of Iranian pistachios, items such as the type of pistachio and its production specifications, the manufacturing company, the exporting company, the importing company and the like must be entered so that buyers can purchase Iranian pistachios with full knowledge. The high quality of exported pistachios and the type of packaging are very important. Because this will lead to more customers and increase the credibility of the brand of the manufacturer and exporter.

  • Obtaining the standard of Iranian pistachios

Necessary standards should be taken in the export of Iranian pistachios before the product enters the customs stages. These standards, in addition to being approved by the Standards Authority, must also meet all the requirements for the import of dried fruits in the destination countries. In particular, in European countries, products exported to these countries need to obtain all valid tests and certificates in terms of health and food hygiene, or in certain cases, to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration of the destination countries. All of these steps must be completed before the cargo can be declared to the customs office. It should be noted that laboratory procedures and approval of the amount of aflatoxin in exported pistachios is somewhat time consuming.

  • Provide pistachios to customs

After completing the above steps, the exported pistachio should be presented to the customs of the cities where the product is produced. Relevant documents such as product type declarations, product weight, product specifications and product invoices were completed.

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  • Obtaining a pistachio health certificate at customs

In the country’s customs, the standard office has required dried fruit exporting companies, especially in the process of exporting Iranian pistachios, to comply with the standards, obtain and provide a standard approval certificate. If the products are bulk and without a brand, or the brand of the exporting company has not been registered or the necessary standards have not been obtained, the customs office and obtaining the standard approval will sample the exported products and examine them in laboratory tests. If approved, the plant health certificate and food hygiene certificate will be issued, and after this stage, the customs clearance certificate will be issued.

  • Delivery of exported pistachios to the transport company

After completing the documents and completing the customs procedures, the desired bill of lading regarding the export of Iranian pistachios should be prepared. At this stage, the exporting companies sign a contract with the transport companies and inform them of the step by step procedures. Transport companies are announcing the steps to be taken. The shipping company must check the container or wagon or truck trailer before loading Iranian pistachios in high volumes and be cleaned and disinfected as much as possible. Note that there is no need for a refrigerated container in the export of Iranian pistachios, but in the case of other dried fruit products, the necessary arrangements must be made with the exporter.

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  • Get pistachio bill of lading and settlement

In the export of Iranian pistachios, it is customary for the seller to receive a percentage of the transaction amount at the same time as presenting the draft bill of lading specifications, the specifications of the destination country and the consignee, which indicates the delivery of cargo to international cargo. In the most common way, twenty percent of the amount is paid in advance and the remaining eighty percent is paid by presenting the same image of the bill of lading. Present.

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